Chapter 19 - Charlotte's P.O.V

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“What do you mean she’s here?” I snarled angrily at Zacky.

“I mean, she’s outside with your parents and a security guard.” Zack replied apologetically.

I was stunned. “Does Matt know? I doubt he’ll be very happy about it.”

“Nah, he doesn’t. I think that if he is to find out. It should be you that tells him.”

“I can’t believe that she brought my parents. What does this even have to do with them?” I shouted back to Zacky as I made my way around the corner. I turned around to see Matt staring at me – it was clear that he was contemplating whether or not to follow me. I shook my head. I wished I hadn’t because it made him more curious and he did run over.

“Where are you going?” Matt shouted as I sped up my pace to get away from him.

“Someone is here to see me.” I answered.

I turned around and started to walk away. Behind me, I heard him shout “who?” but I didn’t turn to answer him. I knew that he would be angry.

I approached the security guard, my sister and sadly, my parents.

“What the hell are you guys doing here? I’m fine on my own, you know.”

My parents turned around and smiled at me. “Hello, you, we have been so worried.”

“About what?”  I asked, confused.

“You.” At this, I was completely shocked.

“Why, can I ask?”

“Well, you’ve been missing for these past few days.” I was mortified. Not only had they come here, but they had probably filed a missing persons report.


“We couldn’t get in touch with you and Jenna and Sarah were out of town so they couldn’t tell us where you’d gone.”

“And, did Jasmine not tell you that she was around my apartment before I left?” I glared at jasmine. Judging by her expression, she hadn’t said anything.

“Well, can you leave now?” I asked hostility

“Well, aren’t you coming home?” I was annoyed by that – did they honestly expect me to?

“What! No! Am I hell coming home.” I stated this rather forcefully.

“To be honest, Charlotte, that was more of a demand that a suggestion.” My mouth dropped open as I stared forward at my parents.

“NO! I’m not coming home with you. I don’t even live with you guys anymore.”

“Well, please, just come home for my wedding,” Jasmine interjected. I laughed out loud at what she requested.

“Do you really think I am? DO YOU?”

“I think you that you know that you would regret not coming, Charlotte.”

That made me think quite deeply. I realised that she was right. I reluctantly agreed.

“Okay, but I’m coming straight back here, you understand?”

My parents and sister nodded in unison. I could not believe everything that had happened to me in the past few days. I didn’t like the idea of leaving Matt, but at least it would give me time to think things through thoroughly. After all, we had moved rather quickly.

“Stay here,” I said as I made my way over to the guys.

“Where’s Matt?” I asked Sarah as I approached.

“What are your parents doing here?” Jenna ran over, shouting at me.

I explained everything to my best friends before they pointed me in the direction of Matt.

I briskly headed in doors, nervous about how to break it to them that I would miss some of their tour.

As I turned the corner, I saw them together. And they were kissing. Matt pulled away from Valary’s lips and saw me before pushing her away. I saw a look of triumph on Val’s face as she sent me a malicious smirk.

I ran out of the room as I heard matt shout my name.

Ignoring him, I ran out past my friends and up to my parents, in floods of tears. My sister wrapped her arms around me and, to my surprise, I didn’t pull away.

“Let’s just leave, NOW!”

We all got in the car quickly and drove off. Out of the window, I saw Matt, who had been running towards me, stop and put his hands over his face, before sliding them down his face.

How could I have been so stupid? I let Matt worm his way into my heart and let my barriers down. I should have known that this would happen. We moved way too fast. That too familiar feeling of betrayal pierced my chest as I once again broke down crying. I just couldn’t wait to go home and was so grateful that my parents came to get me.

Just like the time we had found her in Matt’s bed, she was here. I couldn’t believe that Matt would go behind my back. I thought that he cared about me enough not to do something like this. It just wasn’t like him.

My cell phone started vibrating.


I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of answering. In fact, I doubted that I’d ever talk to him again.

“What happened?” My sister eventually asked.

“I found Matt kissing his ex in a room behind the stage.”

She looked at me empathetically. “He’s the one you were leaving with when I came round?”

I nodded, wiping away my fast-falling tears.

“I should have known that I was being stupid.”

You really need to start picking your boyfriends better.”

I managed a small, weak smile and giggled.

My cell phone started vibrating again.


Were they actually going to stay there? I couldn’t believe it.

I answered anyway, to tell her this.

“What.” I answered bluntly.

“No need to be so hostile.”

“Well, I can’t believe that you’re actually still there after what Matt has just done to me. All of those things he said to me were clearly complete lies. How could someone toy with someone else like that? How could you stand by while your best friend gets messed around? You are so shallow, Jenna, do you know that? He has hurt me in more ways that imaginable and you’re staying there, just because they’re famous. You need to get a life and grow up. You need to realise that the only reason they talk to you is because of me.”

“Charlotte, if you’ll stop offending me long enough to listen, you have got everything wrong and need to let Matt explain everything-”

I hung up the phone before she could finish her sentence. If she was going to stand by the man who had just torn my heart out then fine, but she was no longer my friend.

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