Chapter 23

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It was an awkward long dinner and I didn't look at anyone but continued eating my food. I wasn't even that hungry but I still ended up eating. Once I was done I had to wait until Louis dismisses me. I wish Aurora sat next to me but she sat at the other end. Who sat in front of me though was Mikey. Of course I would have him in front of me.

I couldn't even look him in the eye after that kiss but god if louis found out we were both dead. Louis was fine right now and a bit calm so I was alright. After a while I went back upstairs and louis didn't care. I didn't realize no one was following behind me until I got into my art room and someone closed the door behind me.

That's when I was pinned against the wall and it was Mikey who placed his lips on mine. My eyes were wide and I didn't respond for a minute but then I ended up moving my lips along with his.

"We can't do this." I pushed him away after I realized what I was doing.

"Yes we can," he held my hand, "louis doesn't need to know and I bet I can convience him to let you stay at my house at times. He doesn't treat you right." Mikey said and I shook my head.

"Louis will have both of our heads if he finds out." I said.

"I'll make sure nothing happens for him to find out about this. You just have to do one thing and that's you have to act like you honestly care about Louis. Make him think that you actually care about him and act like you love him And then he'll trust you more." He said and I didn't know what to say.

"I don't know," i told him, "we just met."

"Listen Shay, I really like you and I want to get to know you so please let me prove it to you." He begged and I sighed.

"Fine you get one shot only." I told him and he hugged me.

"You won't regret it." He kissed my cheek and then walked out. I sat there and smiled to myself.

Something about Mikey was getting to me and we have a lot in common. After a while Louis came up and sat next to me.

"Tomorrow, I have a meeting. Would you like to go to Mikey's since you two seem like good friends and you have a lot in common with art? And I know you really like art." Louis said and I thought for a second.

"Yeah I don't mind." I told him and he nodded. He then walked to bed and laid there for a while. I finished up cleaning myself up and laid next to him.

If I was going to actually give Mikey a chance I had to get Louis to trust me. He needed to suspect nothing about Mikey and me. If he just found out about today I would be personally hanged.

I think also that Mikey can be a help to getting me to my sister. Someone I'll be able to get back to England with his help. I smiled to myself and I turned to face Louis. I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head in his chest.

He seemed a bit shocked but took it alright. I fell asleep after a while.

"Shay, Aurora is calling you." Louis woke me up immediately and I sat up sighing. He just chuckled a bit and left the room. He was all dressed up in a suit and looking like he was going to a meeting. I got out of the room and went straight to auroras.

"Yes my love." I spoke as I went into the room.

"You're going to Mikey's today?" She asked me straightforward and I nodded.

"Promise me that if he does anything that may seem like he wants something to quickly stop it." She said and I sat down on her bed confused.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Don't you seem a bit too suspicious on how he likes everything you do? I feel like they're doing what they did to me a while ago." She said and I paid more attention listening to her.

"Okay explain."

"After a couple months of being held. Well, Zayn put me up for a test with a boy named Calum. Well, calum at first liked everything I did and was into. He seemed so sweet and I thought he was my way out of this but then the minute he talked about how he was going to help me escape, I realized he was like my savior out of here. The day he said was my 'escape day' he ended up taking me in a dark car and I thought I was free until I realized he took me to Zayns mansion and God when Zayn found out about how I felt for him. It was bad and then Zayn told me it was all a trap and that I fell for it."

"That's awful and you liked Calum a lot?" I asked.

"I thought I was in love with him after a month or so but I realized he was just playing with me. That's why I feel what is happening with you and MIKEY is too. Please be careful." She begged.

"I promise I'll be careful."

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