Chapter One ~ Hello Gabby

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      Gabrielle looked nervously across the room at the three girls huddled together. All had dark

hair and dark eyes. There was something else though. Something sinister and.....odd. Little did she

know that these three new girls in her class also had dark secrets......Secrets that Gabby would

soon find out. 

     "Class, I'd like to introduce you to your three new classmates", her teacher's words rang out,

snapping her back to reality. "This is Ruba, Raian and......Ramara, is it?"

     "Yes, that's right", they said in unison.

     "And you're all from......Romania?"

     "Yes, that's right", they replied again as one.

    Gabrielle's teacher paused, then asked a little more slowly, "Are you, sisters?

     "No, we're not. But we've known each other for a very long time", they said as they smiled oddly at

one another.

    "OK! Send em away!" Gabby shouted inside her head. "There is something definitely wrong with

them and, to tell you the truth, it's scaring me", she thought.

The way her teacher was looking at the three of them told her he sensed the same thing too.

    "Good! He's going to tell them the class is full and that the office made a mistake. They have to go

to another class, or better yet, they each have to go to separate classes! By themselves they're odd.

Together, they seem dangerous."

       She felt herself breathing easier as she watched her teacher walk towards the three new girls,

even smiling as she watched him get ready to open his mouth and tell them exactly what she was


     "Welcome to the class. We're glad to have you", he said as he smiled and held out his hand to

shake each one of theirs.

    "WHAT!!! NO!!! What is wrong with this guy? Can't he see? I' must have the slowest teacher in the

world! They can't stay here!"

       As she felt her heart thumping in her chest she tried to calm down by telling herself that maybe

she was wrong. Maybe she had a bad bagel for breakfast or something and wasn't giving these

new girls a chance.

    "It's OK Gabby. You're being silly. There is nothing wrong or dangerous about three girls with

similar names from the same place that speak at the same time while smiling oddly and seem to

be sharing the same, sinister secret."

     "Just give them a smile and everything will be fine. Yeah, just give em a smile."

As she heard her teacher make his way back to his desk she turned her head to do just that.....

Only Ruba, Raian and Ramara were already looking at her.......directly at her..........and smiling.

Smiling sinisterly.

       Her hands sprang from her side and grabbed her head that out of nowhere began to hurt.

"Hello Gabby", she heard in her brain. "You're right. Everything will be just fine this year....Just


As Gabby looked up and stared at them she felt herself helplessly being pulled into their dark,

mysterious eyes and being taken to a place very far away.

And the last thing she thought was that this year would be anything but "just fine".

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