Chapter 19: Dust

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Liam's mother cried terribly. She yelled and screamed for Timmy. Liam's dad held her close to him as she was shaking from fear.

"Liam what's going on?" His father managed to say through tears.

"I've been trying to tell you guys. That's the girl I've been talking about dad! This place is haunted." Liam cried out while looking in the mirror. "I have to get Timmy!" He said.

Liam started pushing his hands against the mirror hoping he would fall right inside. He failed, it was solid as glass would be.

Nelson was still hugging his wife while she sobbed. "A ghost has my child, Nelson. What do I do. What do we do." She cried out rocking back and forth on the floor now.

"Liam..." His father said. He sniffed then hugged his wife. "I'm sorry. But...please." He continued then looked at Liam. "Is there anyway we can get Timmy back?"

Liam bit his lip and looked around. He left his parents crying in the living room and ran upstairs. He made sure he turned on all the lights. As he ran to his room he looked around, up and down, to the left and to the right, and underneath himself.

"Thomas." Liam whispered.

The lights flickered on and off. Liam gasped then stumbled back onto the floor when he saw what was in his room.

There was blood all over his walls sliding down from the ceiling and leaking onto Liam's bed. For a second Liam thought the worse. Maybe it was to late to save Timmy.

The lights continued flickering.

Suddenly all the lights went off. Liam heard his parents scream. He tried turning on the lights, in his room and the hallways but it didn't work.

Liam started making his way for the stair way. He touched the side of the wall and carefully walked Down the stairs in the dark.

"Mom." He took a step.
"Dad." Liam said taking another step.

Before his last step onto the wooden floor of the living room he was pushed down. He hit the palm of his hands hard and his knees.

I warned you didn't I.... Hahahaha

I told you to leave, Liam....

The female voices filled the air. Then there was crying.

Shut up little brat.

The crying got louder.


This time the voices sounded like a man with a deep voice. It scared Liam and he quickly stood up. His eye sight wouldn't get use to the dark. It was pitch black all around Liam. His parents weren't there and he heard nothing but Timmy crying. Then the crying stopped.

Liam stood still, shaking.

"Timmy..." Liam whispered.

The lights turned back on. They were brighter than ever. All around Liam, in every space on each walls were mirrors. There was no empty spot on the wall, there were mirrors of every sort surrounding him. Each of the mirrors had hands sticking out of them. They screamed and reached out for Liam, calling him to help them.

Liam was too scared. He tried to run for the front door but a shadow figure reaching for him ran through it after him. He ran upstairs, pass all the hands reaching for him. He went into his room and slammed the door shut.

The blood remained in the room. It nearly flooded the floor.

"Somebody help me!" Liam yelled.

Scarlett walked through the door. The left side of her was a shadow. All of the blood in the room began floating towards her. The blood was being pulled into the shadowy part of her left side then formed into human again.

"There's no one to save you, Liam." She said.

Liam backed away against his desk which caused the remote to the air conditioner to fall onto the floor.

"Thomas! Thomas!" Liam yelled closing both his eyes.

"THOMAS CAN'T SAVE YOU, LAIM!" Scarlett said in a male voice as loud as thunder that couldn't have belonged to her.

Scarlett's voice scared Liam. He ended up falling onto the floor and his elbow hit the remote causing the air conditioner to turn on. It started making noises again.

Scarlett smiled at Liam. Liam looked at her in disgust and anger.

"Why are you doing this. Scarlett?" He said. "You're better than this."

Scarlett laughed and walked up to him. She pointed her finger at him then lifted it up slowly. Liam rose in the air above her.

"Better? You're absolutely right." She said then moved her finger forward causing Liam to get thrown against the wall. Liam fell to the ground groaning.

He lifted his head, facing the air conditioner and saw dust coming from it again.

My remains...

That's it. Liam thought as he looked at the air conditioner. Scarlett must've cremated him and hid  his ashes behind the wall.

Liam stood up quickly and faced Scarlett.

"What do you want from me, Scarlett." Liam said balling his fist.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But you'll make a nice collection for me. Honestly Liam out of all the people I've trapped..." She said walking towards him. She grabbed his neck collar on his shirt and looked him straight in the eyes. "You were my favorite." She said laughing then she pushed him against the dresser.

After getiing up, Liam walked towards Scarlett slowly. He was doing his best to stop shaking. "I to want join you Scarlett." He said trying to sound brave.

"Is that so Liam?" She said eyeing Liam as he began to circle her.

Liam got behind Scarlett and put his hands around her waist. He felt really weird doing so but more scared. Scarlett turned her head towards him and smiled at him.

"You mean you would kill people for me? Lure people into my grasp?" She asked simply. "Even your parents?"

Liam let go of her then stood facing her. "Yes." He said. "Let's start with my parents. I won't get out of this alive and neither will they. I will help you lure people here. You need the blood, fresh blood if you want to Roam freely. I know you do." Liam said.

"Hmmm. Smart boy you are Liam. How'd you figure it out?" She asked.

"Lucky guess." Liam said glancing at the air conditioner then back at Scarlett.

"Fine, Liam." She said walking towards the door. "Let's kill your parents."

Liam started to walk towards the door. He stopped Scarlett before leaving the room.

"I will do anything you want if you leave Timmy." Scarlett said. "Just let me see him one last time."

Scarlett shook her head. "Very well." She walked into the hallway and reached into a mirror.

Liam, as fast as he could, ran to the air conditioner. He jumped on it and the noise made Scarlett turn around. Liam pulled and pulled on the air conditioner. It started tearing off the wall. There was a fierce grabbed around him causing the whole air conditioner to come off the wall and him hitting another wall.

Black dusk started pouring out from a white tube that was sticking out of the concrete wall.

"NO!" Scarlett screamed out in her deep voice.


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