Chapter 24: Think before you speak

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I stepped towards her with the intention of just scaring her, I hated to say that I had let my bad mood get the better of me.

Ok so it wasn’t my fault that Jade was talking about crap and insulting me (again) but I really should have just ignored her, that’s what normal people did right?

She’d got me in a bad mood by going on about how Reed should quit smoking and that I should go with him to see her dad, who worked at the hospital, to get advice on quitting.

Reed was there buying all her bull, well not entirely. He agreed that maybe he should quit but didn’t like the sound of going to the hospital to do it.

She turned her meek gaze on me and said “Maybe you could convince him to go Katy, you could go with him” as soft as a mouse.

“If he doesn’t want to go then I can’t force him Ok? How many fucking times do I have to say it?”

She glanced at Reed then at the floor “You really shouldn’t cuss”

I almost laughed, almost. As if she had said cuss, seriously? This girl was not for real. “I’ll say what I fucking like, got it?”

“Ok, but I just think it’s wrong to swear, is all” I had to lean in to hear her properly.

“Well thanks for sharing your opinion, not that I asked for it”

We’d carried on like this, her being the heavenly saint and me like the devil incarnate.

She was my total opposite and made me look bad, even to me I knew that I should stop before I said something that I would regret.

The last straw was when she said that I had anger problems. Well, she didn’t say it plainly, no, that wasn’t her style but the implication was as clear as glass.

I stepped towards her with the intention of threatening her and she backed up, terror in her eyes.

My fist was raised but before I could say anything, Reed grabbed hold of my hand, his grip on my wrist like steel cuffs.

“Don’t” he said, his jaw tight and body tense. He’d managed to stay out of it, not even trying to defend me, not that I needed it, but as soon as his precious Jade was in danger, he reacted.

I scowled “I wasn’t going to hit her Reed” clearly he didn’t believe me because his expression remained the same, his grip not loosening.

He was defending her again and the fact that he believed that all I ever wanted to do was attack people.

Ok so I wasn’t doing much to help my case but he knew me and I wouldn’t touch her (well not with him there anyway)

“Let go of me” I said, my tone brittle, I was angry at him and he knew it.

“Stop attacking her” he wasn’t angry, just annoyed. “Why do you always think the worst of me?”

“I’m-I’ll go…” Jade mumbled, Reed wasn’t looking and I saw the smug satisfaction in her eyes at having caused a fight.

 She wanted him and she’d do anything to get him. I gave her a look that read ‘game on bitch’ and she scuttled away.

“Well there’s the fact that you’re always trying to hit her” Reed said, oblivious to our exchange.

“I wasn’t going to hit her, I only wanted to scare her” my scowl deepening.

He let go of my wrist and leaned against the wall just looking at me with that thoughtful expression he sometimes gave me.

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