Chapter 15~ Dani

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After school, we all head to the park that is a couple blocks from the school. Shay complains about how cold it is the whole way there. It's about 40 degrees out, snow lightly dusts the ground, and there's a little breeze. There are even colorful leaves still scattered in people's yard.

Once we get there, I immediately call my brother, and of course he picks up.

"Hello?" He says.

"Hey Jimmy! How's it going?" I ask.

"Uhh.. fine.. how about you?" He questions.

"I'm great! I was just wondering if you were coming home for Thanksgiving" I state.

"Can't, sorry little sis, you can come here though if you want. I wouldn't want to be with your step mom and Lillian the leech on Thanksgiving, or any day for that matter" he says.

"Did you date Alexis?" Shay blurts out.

"Oh god, you found her diary" Jimmy mutters.

"So, it is you" I say.

"Maybe I can get a day off and take a trip down there. I'll explain everything. I got to go for now though. Bye. Love you sis" he replies, and then hangs up.

"I can't believe it" I mutter.

"Me neither" Shay says.

"Shaylee?" A high pitch voice says. A girl with long, wavy, dark red hair, light brown eyes, peachy skin says. The girl is wearing a black, leather skirt with a cheetah print blouse and 4 inch nude heels. She has on matte red lipstick, gold eye shadow, black eyeliner, and gold hoops. Immediately, I know who it is.

Kristin Loyals.

"Kristin... long time no see" Shay says, walking over to her and giving her a hug. Shay's hair is in a messy bun. The only make up she has on is a little bit of black eyeliner under her eyes. She is wearing an over sized white sweater with baggy jeans, a grey infinity scarf, and black uggs. I hate to be one to judge, but she looks like a peasant compared to Kristin who looks like a queen.

"I didn't know you knew my secret hideout was here!" Kristin exclaims.

"Neither did I" Shay mumbles.

"I was just about to call you!" She states as she pulls out a little bottle of Channel 5 from her black Prada bag and begins spraying herself, making Kyle and Jonah begin to cough.

"Um, why?" Shay questions.

"I'm throwing a Thanksgiving bash on Friday! Would you like to come?" Kristin asks.

"We'd love to" I answer.

"Sorry, but it's invite only, and I'm inviting Shay. So what do you say?" Kristin grins at me, and then looks back at Shay.

"Sure, what time?" Shay replies.

"It starts at 8, and please don't bring anything. We are already overstocked on goodies" she says.

"Okay see you then" Shay states.

"Ciao!" Kristin waves good bye and then walks back to her posse.

"Kristin always had a dark side" I state.

"Dani... you don't really care about a party do you? If you do I don't have to go" Shay replies.

"It's fine, it's fine, go have fun, one of us deserves to" I say.

"How about this, on Friday, you have your brother come. You could take him to the new cafe that's only a mile or so from your house. Shay can go to the party, and maybe find some stuff out about Alexis because didn't she party with Kristin a lot? Then, Kyle and I will have a bro's night, and we'll be ready if you need back-up" Jonah suggests.

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