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-Yn pov-

I woke up next to Jaden.
He was still sleeping.
I still can't believe that he had a fight about me with Tyler.
His friend for a long time... compared to me...?

Even if we're just friends for some weeks,
I have the feeling there is something more than just friendship between us..

He's cute...

Wait, did I really just said that...

I am falling in love with him... ain't I ?

It makes me crazy the way he looks at me...
The way he talks to me...

It gonna sound creepy, but...
The way he's Laing next to me,
Cuddling with me..

I didn't realize I was staring at him,
I saw his hazel eyes staring at me..
Holing eye contact.

"Good morning, ma.."
"Good morning J.."
"Sleep well..?" He asked in his still sleepy voice.
" yeah.. you?"
"Yeah.. but only cause you were laying next to my side.."

My heart just melted..
That was just so cute...
I have never expected him to say something like this...

"sweet.. don't be soft.. it's only morning..
You still have time.." I said.
"I'm always soft around you.."
"Okay enough lovebirds!" Javon came into the room.
"Geez, could you come in even louder..?"
"Ya, actually I can.." Javon said seriously..
"Yeah.. I don't want to hear this.." I added
"Whatever.. just go get ready... everyone is up already and y'all are still flirting.."
"Jealous boy.." I said.
"I heard that.." he said right before he disappeared out of the room.

Me and Jaden get ready and went downstairs.

"Took your time babe."Jayla said hugging me.
"Sorry. Love ya."
"Love ya too!!"
"Girls, am I right.." Javon said to DJ.

Everyone just looked at him...

"What..?" He asked confused

Everyone just then burst out laughing.

"What's so funny..?" Javon said still confused.
"Nothing.. ju-Just stop being this dumb man." Jayla said finally.

Everyone calmed down.
We all ate our breakfast..
And went back to our rooms, continuing the things we were doing or whatever.

"Ma.." Jaden spoke up.
"Would you maybe wants to.. go out..?"

I was shocked at what I just heard from Jaden.. and from me..
I immediately said yes.. without thinking for a second.

-Jaden pov-

I decided to ask her out..
I was sure she said yes..
Soon I just need to ask her to be my girlfriend and then I won the bet.

This stupid bet..
But after all I made a new friend cause of it.

I was nervous tho..
I don't know..
Maybe I am really falling in love with her..
Maybe not..

She makes me feel special,
In a good way.
I'm getting chills stains her, the good chills..

And I was kinda surprised to hear her answer.
She said yes.


Am I a bad person for accepting the bet..

To play with a girls feeling..?

The best friend of my siblings..


Hell yeas I am.
And I'm not proud of it.

I really regret this now..

Who knows what the loser needs to do.?

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