Boys rant

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Hey bitches

If you didn't already know, boys can be confusing AF!!
Just btw this doesn't apply to all boys!

Boys are stupid okay
They are really fucking stupid
They never get hints!
Like someone can go up to them and say "I love you so much, make out with me!!" And they will be thinking "does this person like me or something?"

Why won't boys just confess their feeling instead of sending all mixed signals?

They will also flirt with one person but then the next moment they will be making out with another, like what's up with that?

Why don't guys like to text first? What's the big deal? It's. Just. A. Message.
Whats the worst that can happen?

Some people are also sexist and that's not right! What's going on with society?
People need to realize that all genders are equal

I also might make a girl rant so that it's fair


Thanks for reading xx
May the odds be in your favor

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