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-Yn pov-

The sleepover was good tho,
We talked about his next baseball game.
"I mean if you want you can come tho." Ha asked.
"Should I?" I asked wondering.
"YESS PLEASE!!" he said exited.
"Then I won't.."
"Man.." he pulled a das face.
"Just kidding, I'll come!"
"YEAHHH!!!"he screamed.
I laughed he then joined soon after.

The game was tomorrow,
So we would hang out today.

I don't know why he's my friend, I mean he admitted himself, that he also hated me.
Why now being friends with me??
It kinda seems not right... but at the same time, it does seem right...

We are going live, answering some questions.

'Are you two dating' someone asked.
"Nope...not now.." jaden answered whispering the last part barely for me to hear.

'Drink if Yn is pretty' it popped up sometimes so I read it quite often,
I realized that Jaden then get his bottle and took a sip.

"I saw that comment yk that right?" I whispered only for him to hear.
"So you know the answer then.."
Butterflies filled my stomach.
But why do I fell like this around him?

We continued to answer the questions and stuff, soon we ended it tho.

-Jaden pov-

The one thing that popped out on the live was ' drink if Yn is pretty'
I read it quite often...
So I stood up grabbing my bottle and taking a sip.

"I saw that comment yk that right?"  She whispered only for me to hear.
"Really...?"i asked
"So you know the answer then.."

I saw her kinda blushing after why I said.
She's cute when she's blushing..

-Yn pov-

We planed his game tomorrow,
Like when we gonna meet up and stuff.

I couldn't stop looking at him...
He's.... Hot... and pretty.. and cute...

I still don't get why he's being nice to me.
Some girls came crying to school the next day they've been dating him.
Don't know the reason why..

He's nice to me and seems like he would be a nice boyfriend,
Even tho I didn't like him before.
He's good now.. I guess...

Nope I don't guess , telling facts now.

Am I falling for him, after being friends with him for some weeks..?
I really don't know.

If I do like him more than just a friend...
Does he like me back... the way I would like him..?



How do you like it till now?
I'm sorry for not updating for some time..

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