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Hannah's pov

This is just great. How am I suppose to explain about some secret room and then keep it to myself? Exactly! I can't!

"Um well nothing really. Ya know, the hallway some bedrooms. Other things. Even a bathroom!" I exclaimed.

"Really Hannah?" Liam said rolling his eyes." I know you are lying."

"No really I can show you!" I didn't want them finding out. Hold on. Maybe I can tell them just not where it is at.

"Seriously Hannah." Liam exclaimed. "Just tell us!"

"Fine there is a secret room up there and I was in it." I sighed sitting at the table.

"Really? Where?" Summer screamed.

"See this is why I didn't want to say." I put my head down feeling ashamed." I kinda just wanted the room as a little place to go when I need to think or just get away."

"Oh well I kinda understand." Harry said. Everyone looked at him.

"You do?" I asked confused.

"Yeah you see when I was little I had this awesome tree house. No one knew about it. One day I had a girlfriend and I took her to the treehouse. A few weeks later we broke up. She showed everyone where it was and soon enough the older kids took it over. After that I never got to go back to the tree house and I was so upset." Harry told everyone.

"Aw Harry." I said hugging him.

"Keep your little room to yourself and make good desions when it comes to it." Harry told me pulling away.

"Wow emotional moment over. Now me and Hannah are going out." Louis exclaimed grabbing my hand.

"It's Hannah and I." I corrected. "Also since when are we going out."

"Since now." He said pulling me out the door.We walked out the door and climbed in his black range rover.

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"You shall see young wise one." He said patting my head.

"I don't understand." I said shaking my head.

"Good. You don't need to understand." He said.

"Fine." I said giving up. I pulled out my phone and began to text Summer.

H- Hey! :)
S- Hey :) where are you?
H- I dont even know. He wont tell me......
S- Ha :/ Im bored
H- Not my problem I was kidnapped......
S- But its by your boyfriend therefore not kidnapping.
H- Shut up smarty pants.........

"Yes we are here!" Louis screamed.

H- I gotta go we are here
S- Coooool

I didn't reply to Summer. Louis opened my door for me and I climbed out. I looked around at our surrondings. It was amazing. There was a little picnic set up of the edge of a cliff. It was back a little and on the other side there was a beatiful waterfall. I was so amazed.

"Do you like it.?" Louis asked scratching the back of his neck.

"Like it? I love it!" I squealed walking over to the blanket.

3rd person
Hannah and Louis had both been enjoying there lunch. Hannah and Louis laid and looked at the stars after they had finished dinner, enjoying the alone time that they was getting to spend with each other. With everyone else they hardly ever got a decent moment to spend together.

Meanwhile back at the house
After and Hannah and Louis had left the others decided to watch some movies. After finishing Pitch Perfect, they began to discuss how Pitch Perfect 2 was coming out soon. Then when Summer and Harry had went to the kitchen to cook some food everything went downhill. The others had followed them into the kitchen to wait for the food. But then when Summer refused to make Niall a cake he grabbed some flour and poured it on Summer. Soon that started World War 3. It soon went out of tue kitchen nd through the whole house. So basically the whole house looked like a battle field.

Summer's pov

Hannah is going to kill us. All of looked around. Food was on the floors,walls,furniture,and even on the table. Everyone knew this proably wouldn't be finished by the time they got home. This won't be good.

30 minutes later.

We had managed to clean the halls. We were working on the kitchen and the living room. When all of a sudden the door began to open. Oh this will not be good.

Louis' pov

"So my lady did you enjoy your evening?" I asked.

"Why of course." She smiled. "Any evening with you is great."

"Wow cheesy." I said rolling my eyes.

"But really I had a great night." She said hugging me.

"Yeah me too." I said before pecking her lips.

"C'mon lets go in." We opened the door and was not prepared for what we saw.


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