911 Operater: 911 what's your emergency. Me: There's a panda humping my leg!

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Hey, my name is Korey. My life sucks balls. First off, let me introduce myself. I am an African-American girl. I'm 14 and live in a pretty good neighborhood. I died my hair white with blood red and black streaks. I have an eyebrow piercing, a nose piercing, and two lip piercings. I have a tattoo of a dragon circling my belly button and a vine filled with bloody black and white roses tattooed starting from my top thight to my ankle. I aint skinny, but im not fat either. I love my little sister to pieces nd my big sister, big bro, mamala, and daddio are alright too.I have weird red eyes and pointy teeth that freak everyone out. I used to think my life was crappy until i met him.


Korey's POV

I was doing the usual thing i do at school, carving bitches names into my desk, writing death notes, and listening to my music. Then this happened.

''KOREY GET TO MY OFFICE NOW!!!!''  yelled the talking box. ''What the fuck! I didn't do ish.'' I thought as I made my way to his office. "What it do, baby boo?" I screamed at the principle.My principle is strict with everyone, but me cause I aint afraid of this fool.

"I know you did it."

"What I do?"

"YOU STOLE MY HAIR PIECE NOW give it back" he whined.

"Psh I didn't do ish. You got the wrong person."

"Well then you are expelled until further notice." I stared at him in shock. He held a smug look until I screamed in joy!

"No more school mutha suckazzzzz" I screamed at the teachers in the hall. It was already luch time. I ran towards the head cheerleader and attacked her.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! GET OFF ME YOU FREAKAZOIDE!!!" Ashley screamed at me. People just walked by cause this is the usual thing we do. See Ashley here is my best friend and Miss America. She has these crystal clear, sea green eyes that look just like a mossy river. So cute. She has pale skin and bright, blond hair that looked like it was made out of an angel's halo in the sunlight. All the guys drooled over her, but she only had eyes for one guy who didn't now she excisted. Today,  she was wearing a purple tank top that said "I like Justin Beiber with a picture of him", white short shorts with a black belt and purple platform wedges with a chocolate cupcake necklace.

"Well hello to you too my angel from seseme street" I said with a hude grin on my face.

"GET OFF YOUR SQUISHING MY BODY YOU ANGEL FROM HELL!!!!" she yelled out me. When I actually got off her she ran to a random locker, gasping very hard.

"AIR!!!! FINALLY! SWEET AIR I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" She started making weird kissy noices at the air.

"Ew. If your done making out with the air I have to tell you big news!" Ashley stopped and ran away. She left me standing there very confused.

"What the fuck?" I wondered out loud. She came back with the principle's spinny chair, popcorn, pepsi,and 3D glasses. She put on the glasses, sat in the chair, and began eating and drinking while waiting for me to start.

"Ummm well okay weirdo. I got kicked out of school" Ash spit her soda out and chocked on the popcorn. I just watched as she slowly calmed herself down.

"Thank for the help Korey," She replied sarcasticlly, "NOW BEGIN!!"

"Hahahah. Well okay. The principle was being a total dick and thought I stole hishair piece. Whoever stole that rat that goes on his head did the principle a hude favor. Now my parent are probably gonna ship me off to live with my big cousin and her wife in Florida."

"I'm goin with you honey."

"Of course you are. If you didn't want to, I would have kidnapped yo ass." We both started laughing until we realized nobody was there. We both stared at each other, got up, and left school early. We went to my little house and my parents knew about the incident. They told me to pack and we would leave today. Ash helped me pack then we went to her house to pack. When we were finished, we meet up with my cousin, Nicole, an went on the plain to Florida. Me and Ash fell asleep listening to screamo. When we woke up, we were in an old, beat up jeep. When we looked outside, we saw hobos and gangs at every cirner. We rushed out the moving car and hugged the gang members. Nicole didn't notice and left us. The gang members followed the jeep to a run down motel where we were staying at. AWESOME!!! We left Teo (gang leader) and his crew and waved goodbye. Hug some gang members, they'll love you for it. (A/N: Nerver try that.)  When we got inside, we unpacked and fell asleep while watching our favorite show, 1000 ways to Die. Tomorrow is school. Tomorrow is a new start. Tomorrow i gonna be as gay as Ronald McDonald (A/N: No offense. He just scares me.) i sound like a poet. YIPPEE!!! :)

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