"The shadows!" You yell.

Before you can react, Bakugou grabs you from behind. His hands spark with power, preparing to blast the two of you away from the shadows. Unfortunately, just as he begins to use his explosive quirk, the ground below the three of you rumbles violently, knocking him off balance. The earthquake gives the shadows just enough time to wrap around your legs and pull you out of his arms.

"Fuck! Y/N!" Bakugou screams as he tries to grab your hands before you are out of reach, but he narrowly misses. Kirishima reacts quickly, grabbing you by the waist before you are pulled away completely. Bakugou grabs Kirishima by the waist as well, creating a tug of war, your body acting as the rope. Bakugou and Kirishima yank hard and are able to wrench you from the inky tendrils. The force of pulling so hard sends the three of you into a pile on the ground.

The shadows retreat as you try to catch your breath. You all untangle yourselves from each other, and stand back up in a defensive position. You, Bakugou, and Kirishima stand back to back, hands up and ready. Kirishima activates his quirk partially to his hands and arms while Bakugou's hands glow threateningly.

As your head snaps around to look for adversaries, the air around you sparkles. An invisible force field that had formed a dome around you and a large section of the city slowly disintegrates. Now people, some with various physical quirks, ranging in age from child to adult surround you. You didn't know whether or not to feel any relief at the fact that they were alive and not the undead.

"You just had to make this harder than it had to be didn't you? I just wanted to talk." A man with blonde hair stepped to the front of the rag-tag group, obviously their leader. "Red Riot, Dynamight, Seeker... It's nice to see you again." You have no idea who this guy is, but it doesn't surprise you that he knows everyone's hero name. Kirishima and Bakugou are high on the rankings and you are one of their rookies. People tend to take notice of you, especially since the three of you spend a lot of time together. Still though, you haven't heard your hero name since you were at the Hero Commission, and that didn't end well.

"Fuck you, Monoma." Bakugou spit at the man's feet, his hands still at the ready to blast him away. His anger is coming off of his body in waves. Bakugou is literally ready to explode on this dude. Who the hell is he anyway? Another Pro?

"If you can't behave, I'll have to have you take a little nap." Monoma chastises. A young teen steps forward, a purple ball of mist beginning to grow in his palm. If you had to guess, he must have a quirk similar to Midnight's, a quirk able to put their targets to sleep. "Now, if we can talk like civilized people–"

You scoff loudly. It is a little too late for civility after being ambushed like that, you think. "You tried to kidnap me, you asshole. Why would we listen to you?"

"Ah, Seeker. I haven't had the pleasure. Nice to meet you in person. I am Monoma Neito AKA Phantom Thief." He bows in front of you dramatically. "And I wasn't trying to kidnap you, I was simply trying to keep Dynamight here from taking off with you."

Bakugou barks out a laugh. "Whatever. Like I believe that."

"Monoma, you didn't have to attack us if you just wanted to talk." Kirishima says firmly. Out of the three of you, Kirishima is, and always has been, the calmest. He slowly deactivates his quirk and looks at the two of you to follow suit. You give him a look but drop your hands. Bakugou glares at Monoma but also decides to follow Kirishima's lead.

Monoma shrugs half-heartedly. "I wasn't sure whose side you were on. Can never be too careful nowadays." The three of you share a look between each other, but turn back to Monoma. What the hell could he have meant by that? "Whose side?"

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