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- Yn pov-

Again we decided to hang out..
Me and Jaden...
Only at his house.
We are gonna make a sleepover.
Javon is in Need York doing some Interviews.
When Jayla is at a friends house, as is Daelo.
The Parents are also with Daelo.
So it's again just me and Jaden...

Good or bad?

We get some snacks and get into his room.
We only need to choose a Movie..
We decided to watch 'Luca'.

I slowly fell asleep, on Jadens chest...
It was only 10 am as we met up, so it was still early when we watched the movie.

I woke up at 1 pm.

"Sleep well?" Jaden asked me.
I just hummed in respond.
As I realized I was still on Jadens chest and I fell asleep on it, I was kinda embarrassed.
"Sorry for falling asleep on your chest" I apologized.
"It's okay, really" he said.
"Okay then." I cuddled back at him.
"Now you want to cuddle?!" He asked sarcastically.
"Okay then.."

He put one arm around my waist,
The other one on my head.
Playing with my hair.

"Wann asleep a bit more..?" He then asked..he probably felt how tired I went.

So we did.
He kissed my forehead before also falling asleep, still cuddling, his head on my head.
We slept peacefully.

I really can get used to it.
His girlfriend is gonna be lucky, he'll be a good boyfriend.
Even if I just get into a good friendship with him.

We then woke up at 3 am.
Well, I woke up, he's still sleeping.
I played with his hair looking at him.
Realizing he's kinda cute, while sleeping.
Yeah, it sound creepy, but true.

As I wanted to get myself a cup of wanted a grip got tighter on my waist.
I turned back, to see Jaden with light open eyes looking at me.

"Stay... please..." he whispered in his morning voice.


"I'm just gonna get a cup of water... I'll be back in a sec."
"Come back after.."
"I will, don't worry."

The way he can make me feel is Stange.
Some weeks ago I barely liked him,
Now I'm here having a sleepover with him, sleeping with him in one bed, and having butterflies in my stomach...
Wait what!?
Butterflies in my stomach... because of Jaden...?!

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