By the way, this story is practically the same as the Rated-R one, however, this story will be less descriptive in sexual scenes and may have some mild language and whatnot, while the Rated-R gives you the basis of it, describing every smashing detail with it. So, essentially, this version goes below limits and is bonded to boundaries. ManxBoy. Read at your own risk. PG-13. If you can't stand less-detailed, mildly-graphic scenes, limited descriptions, then I suggest you to discontinue reading this any further. Just read the Rated-R Version instead, or hey, if you happen to want to read both versions, knock yourselves out.

“I have little left in myself—I must have you. The world may laugh—may call me absurd, selfish—but it does not signify. My very soul demands you: it will be satisfied, or it will take deadly vengeance on its frame.” ―Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre


          I was miserable. I was alive, yet I was essentially dead. That was until I met Dominico Everly at the café, that's down the street from my hotel building. His presence seemed like it carried a graceful atmosphere with it, enchanting me. He seemed very popular with the employees there and most of the customers. They all bloom with life whenever he shows up. I bloom with life whenever he shows up. He's just that admirable. 

          I've always been a hard-worker all my life. I got straight A's all through elementary school, middle school, and high school. Intelligence just came naturally to me. I practically never studied really. In addition, I went to college up until I got my master's degree. Because of that, I live in a decently large home in California. My job as a real estate agent really pays well. However, it's the same routine everyday. Every single dreadful day. Is this what I'm only going to do for the rest of my life? I'm not getting any younger. I'm almost down there to forty years old. I have to do more with my life. Thankfully, I'm vacationing at my beloved's town for two weeks. I have two weeks to make him mine. I want to start a new life, which Dominico will become a part of.

          Those clear blue eyes could take you flying around the world in the skies. He's just that beautiful. He has the perfect cocoa colored skin, the straight white, pearly teeth, those pink lips, and the most astonishing facial structure. His body doesn't seem as up to par as everything else is. But, I'm okay with it. He's still developing. I don't know why I look at his body like that. I just do. Never have I been gay in my heterosexual life. It's just him. Only him. Dominico is the only boy I've ever looked at that way. I'm not a pedophile. It's just that it's him. Even though he's sixteen, my eyes can't help but explore his exquisiteness. The way he waltzes into the café everyday with that sincere smile. It has occurred that he is blind. He walks with a white cane and carries braille with him everyday. But, I don't care. I love him. I love all of him. I have to find the courage to talk to him one day. And when I get him all to myself, I'll tell him how I feel. Hopefully, he'll return the feelings.

          Ever since I set my eyes on him, I constantly imagined us making love unconditionally. Ignoring the boundaries, ignoring everything. I crave at the thought of me devouring him, being his first. I could tell he's a virgin, just by his body language. He's never been done in the back by a man. But, that will change once my beloved is with me. I'll gladly be his first. Not only will I be his first, I'll be his one and only. At night, I have dreams about us. I have dreams about us having a future together. About him being forever mine.

           I'm fully determined to make Dominico mine. All mine. His skin, his teeth, his lips, his eyes, his face, his everything will all be mine. He will be mine. I will become whole again once I grasp him in my bare hands. I'll never let him go. Not for the law. Not for anyone. Not even for myself. Hopefully, he understands my feelings for me. Because, I will make him mine. In fact, he's already mine.