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-Yn pov-

I woke up from a ding on mg phone.
I grabbed it and looked.
A notification from instagram.
From Jaden?
He tagged me in his story.
I responded with a ' :) ' and reposted it.

onwardjdub started to follow you!

I was shocked as I saw this.
Jaden follows me?
I thought he don't like me..
Can't he see I don't like him?

-Jaden pov-

urfav.Yn started follow you!

She saw it!
Great, one step foreword.
She even responded and reposted my story.

- Yn pov-

I get ready for school and went into the car.
Fuck your Javon.
He took my wife!!
He sat at the front next to Jayla.
That means I need to seat at the back, next to jaden.

Still, somehow we started a conversation.
Or even was fun to talk to him.
Maybe I was wrong about him, really wrong.

"See ya later!" Jaden shouted after me.
I just gave him a thumb up.
Why. Tf. Is. He . Doing. This?!

"How's your new friend?" Jayla asked.
"What? Oh, Jaden, no we just started to talk. I still don't like him tho. Maybe I was a bit wrong about him, he CAN be fun or nice."
I answered.
"Ooh, so getting closer, I see."
"Nope, not even friends!"
"Whatever you see babe!"

We had our lessons.
Bored as always.
I was happy, cause we only had one more period.
Sadly it was with Jaden...
Or maybe it is good..?

For some reason he sat next to me.
Wow. So just cause I'm talking to him now he thinks we are besties?
Nope sir, not at all.

Then a girl walked in.
She seemed new, but familiar.
Shoot it's Amilia.
My old friend.
She waved quickly at me, I waved back at her.
She sat on my ihre side, we then talked for a bit.

Soon Geography was over and I walked tk the car.
Jaden wasn't there. So we needed to wait.

"Can you go and look where he is?" Jayla asked me.
"Sure" I simply answered.

I walked out of my car.
To see him talking to Tyler.

"Hey Yn!" Tyler said as he noticed me.
"Hey? Whatever Jaden are you coming Jayla is waiting." I said.
"Yeah." He answered.
"Wait, Yn. Can I get your number or Snapchat?" Tyler asked me before we walked away.
"Nope, I barely use it, and I don't like having lost if concats on my phone, especially when I don't need them." I answered.
He seemed pissed.
As he should.
As I looked at Jaden he was wearing a smirk.

"Why you smirking?" I asked randomly.
"No reason." He answered dryly.

-Jaden pov-

Yep Tyler has no chance to get Yn.
But why does she let me go into her life not not him?

That's the only question I have on my mind rn.

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