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- Jaden pov-

I really hope my plan is gonna work out,
the only thing she need to do is to fall in love with me.
I mean lots of girls are into me.
I don't really like this, cause they just want me cause of my fame. Lol

As we all arrived at home, we decided to go live and play truth or dare but the chat is gonna give us the tasks. It sounds like fun tho.

"So who's gonna start?" Javon asked.
"You asked, so your gonna start." Yn chuckled, kinda cute.
"Shit." Javon whispered.
"I'm gonna tell mom" Jayla joked.
"Come on, you also swear." Javon defended himself.
"Not as often as you do" Jayla defended herself.
"I just gonna pretend I didn't hear that." Yn joked. Well she was right tho, they both swear a lot.
"Are you gonna start now?" I spoke up.
"Yeah, whatever." Javon answered.
"I'm gonna pick truth." He started.
We all started to read the chat for questions.
" Do you have a crush, someone asked. Is it a good question or are we gonna pick something else?" Jayla asked.
"I guess we go with this, cause they all are identical." Yn answered.
"Well, no I don't. Actually I don't really know." Javon answered the truth question.
"Uhm, I'm gonna pick... Yn" Javon said.

Great it's her turn.
Hopefully something that is gonna help me to get her.

"Uhm... I'm gonna chose... dare." Yn answered.
Again we all read the chat for a dare.
"Tell your mom, your pregnant, Oohh that hard.." Javon read out.
"True, but I'm still gonna do it, or it's gonna be boring. Get a grave ready cause I'm literally gonna die rn." She answered.

She has humor, maybe she's not as bad as I thought.

She alles her mom and started to tear up.

"Mom, there's something I need to tell you... but please don't be mad...." She started.
"What's wrong sweetie, is it something serious? Are you even okay?" Her mom asked lots of questions.
Poor Mrs.  Y/l/n( your last name).
"I- I..." she looked at me, for some reason.

God her eyes are beautiful.
I could stare into them for my whole life.
Why tf am I talking about her like this.
It's just a fucking bet.

"I- I'm pregnant..." she continued.
"WHAT?! N- no this can't be true, you don't even talk to boys except Javon." Her mom said tripping over her words a bit.
I looked at Yn and she seemed...
Wow her mom literally just exposed her.
After all her boyfriend is gonna be sure she's loyal.
I'm not talking about me tho, again it's just a bet...

"Can I stop now please...?" She whispered softly and kinda sad, scared.
"You can." Jayla answered.
"Okay, I'm sorry mom it was just a dare. I hope your not angry at me.." she said.
"Thank god.. well you shocked me not I'm not mad, when I was your age I also did those jokes on my mom." Her mom bright up a typical parent thing.
"Yeah, Yeah... we get that." She said a little bit annoyed.
"We'll have fun. Love you sweetheart!"
"Love you too mom!"

Her mom is nice, I guess she has a great relationship with her. Yn is also pretty fun.
She's actually not like I pretended she would be. It's kinda the first time, I really hang out with them.
She does the dumbest dares even if they're embarrassing or weird. Other would never do something like this. So you can say she's kinda special.

"I choose..." Yn looked at me " who wants to be?" She asked...
Jayla shook her head, giving her a sign to pick me.
"Well I pick Jaden then"

Why tf did I got a strange feeling when she said my name?

"Well I pick... dare." I answered
Again all of them read the comments for ideas..
"Post the ugliest pic of you on instagram and add a selfish caption. Someone suggested." Yn read out, then looked at me.
"Plus he can't delete it ever.." Javon added.
Sometimes I really hate him.
"Whatever." I answered.
I took my phone and searched for a ugly pic.
It was more weird tho.
I posted it and added a caption that said:  mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the hottest person of them all? ITS JADEN WALTON!!

"I'm gonna pick Jayla, mg did Cmon!!"
"Uhm ..dare" she answered.
"Really am I the only one that picked truth?!" Javon said annoyed.
"Your not fun, so yeah" Jayla said.
Back to Jaylas dare..
We again all looked at the chat and searched for ideas.
"Perform in school a dance of your favorite song and Someone needs to record and post it. Is it good?" Javon asked.
"Yeah.." Jayla said.

We played some more rounds, till Yn needed to leave.
She have everyone a hug.
She even came to me and hugged me real fast.

Guess we are moving fast.

-Yn pov-

It was fun today,
Soon I needed to go back home.
As always I hugged everyone goodbye.
Even Jaden...

I mean he's not this bad as I thought, he can be fun.
Sometimes I just glared at him, to see him already staring at me.

What's on his crazy mind..?



I hope you like it till now.

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