Chapter 1

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Percy P.O.V

I just finished packing my stuff. I'm leaving Camp Half-Blood. Everyone is ignoring me. Annabeth is to focused on her work and research so she didn't have any time for me anymore so she broke up with me. Nico is always traveling so he's never around. Jason and the others are usually at Camp Jupiter. Leo is always building things with his cabin mates and Chiron is always busy. I have nobody.

****Time lapse****

I'm over the hill, walking in the woods to go somewhere, anywhere away from camp when I hear thunder rumble through the sky. It doesn't make any sense though because it's a perfect, sunny day with no clouds in the sky. I decide to just ignore it and keep walking. Then I hear someone say "hello Percy." I quickly turn around and see Zeus. "Hello Lord Zeus." I say. Zeus then asks " where are you going Perseus?" I reply " I don't know. Just anywhere away from camp." Zeus is quiet for a moment then says " come to Olympus with me. The others and I have discussed something and it involves you, Percy Jackson.

***on Olympus***

Zeus and I arrived on Olympus and all the gods were sitting on there thrones. Some are sitting quiet and some are arguing with one another. The first one to notice us is Apollo. " Everybody be quiet!" yelled Apollo. " Zeus is back." Everyone was staring at me and it was very awkward. " Hey Percy, what's up?" asked Apollo. "uh not much" I said. "hello son." I turned and saw the one and only, Poseidon, my dad. " Hi dad." I said. I looked at Athena which was a bad choice. She looked like she wanted to kill me. " how dare you break my daughter's heart!!! I will tear you to shreds Perseus Jackson!!!" Athena yelled at me. I put my hands up and simply said " I didn't break her heart. She broke mine. She was to busy and didn't have time for me so she ended things." Athena this is not why I brought him here." Yes Zeus. Sorry, please continue."

After that all of the gods looked at me. My father stood up and said " we have all discussed this and we have decided to make you a god Percy."

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