Chapter One: Introduction

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Author's Note: Before we start, I would like to give a little background info on Y/n. Y/n is 21 years old (as well as Milo), she uses she/her pronouns, her birthday is on January 1st, she's 5'6, her enneagram type is type eight, and her personality type is an ESTJ. There will be a topic of a car accident in this chapter and this chapter only (from what I can think of rn). If that is a sensitive topic for you, I suggest you skip when Y/n has a flashback. I'm so excited to release the first chapter!!!

You wake up to the sound of meowing in your ear.

"Puppycat, it's still too early," you mutter under your breath. Your siamese cat Puppycat goes on walks with you every morning.

You drag yourself out of bed. You get changed into your favorite outfit and then get Puppycat's harness out. Puppycat sits excitedly on your bed, waiting for you. You walk over to Puppycat and put a harness on him. You pick him up in your arms and carry him all the way out to the front door.

You silently walk with Puppycat as you listen to a true crime podcast about the zodiac killer. Puppycat starts running excitedly. You stop him and see that Puppycat is running towards someone awfully familiar, someone who you didn't ever plan to see again. Puppycat is trying to run towards Milo. Milo just so happened to be walking his dog Lou to the same area.

"Hey," he says quietly.

"Hey," you say back, avoiding eye contact. You hadn't talked to Milo since the break up.

"What are you listening to?"

"Oh, just a true crime podcast."

He frowns and then say, "that's not like you. Usually you're listening to audiobooks about classic stories such as Pride and Prejudice."

"Don't bring that book up."

"Why not?"

"You know why." You look down at the ground embarrassed of the memory.

"Oh because you're the Mr. Darcy to my Elizabeth Bennett," he chuckles at the thought of that memory but, his smile fades away as he looks at your face. "We could be like that again. It has only been three weeks since-"

"Don't remind me, it was nice seeing you again but, we must be on our way. Goodbye Milo."

"Y/n! Please don't go again." You start to walk away from Milo and Lou with Puppycat.

"Goodbye," you repeat more to yourself than him.


You walk into the house to your mom on the phone. She notices your presence and hangs up the call.

"So I was just on the phone with Camryn." You walk into the kitchen, grabbing your favorite type of muffin.

"Oh really?"

"Yes, she said that Milo and Lou ran into you and Puppycat."

"Yes they did. What about the two of them?"

"Nothing, other than making sure that you're okay."

"I'm alright mom, really, I am."

"You two have always been inseparable but especially when you two got into a relationship."

Your fifteen year old brother comes down the stairs, interrupting the conversation between you and your mom. "Yeah, you two were childhood best friends. It was the cutest love story I ever heard of. I thought true love existed when the two of you got together. You guys were supposed to be together forever."

"Thanks for the reminder I totally needed Harvey. I need to go upstairs and study." You turn away from your family's eyes to wipe away a tear. You keep your head in that direction and start walking. You walk up the stairs and quietly close your bedroom door.

You grab two big books off of your desk and put them both on the floor. You start to read where you left off in the bigger book. You started studying for the MACT three weeks ago.  Your dream is to become a doctor, you want to help people. You decided you wanted to be a doctor by the time you were fourteen.


Milo pushes through the hospital doors and goes straight to the front desk.

"What room number is Y/n L/n in?"

"She is in room 223."

"Thank you!" Milo runs from the front desk to the elevator, hitting the button as fast as he could.

He runs into the elevator and impatiently taps his foot as the elevator goes up to the second floor. As soon as the doors open, he dashes out and goes straight to your room by scurrying past each room. He opens the door to your room with tears flowing from his eyes. He had never seen you in such a vulnerable state before.

"Y/n!" He runs to your right side. You had been awake for a few minutes but you were still processing what had happened to you.

"What happened?"

"Your mom called, you and your dad had been in a car accident." He takes hold of your hand.

"What happened to dad?!" You sit up and let go of his hand. Your heart rate increases. Milo stops you from getting up.

"Careful!" He helps you lay back down. "I don't know what happened but I'm sure everything is okay." He takes hold of your hand again. Your then eight year old brother Harvey walks into the room with tears in his eyes. Milo and your attention both turn to him. "Harvey?" He starts to break down sobbing. Milo runs over to him, comforting him as well. "What's wrong?"

"It's dad. Something was happening and I was rushed out of the room." Milo embraces Harvey.

"Shh, calm down. Let's just wait and see what your mom says." You had laid there in silence, watching Milo comfort Harvey.

Your mom comes into the room a few minutes later, her eyes all red and puffy.

"Your dad, he's dead." She starts breaking down crying again. Camryn thankfully is right behind her, comforting her. Harvey runs into your mom's arms. Milo goes over to your side.

"Say something Y/n. You're scaring me." You say nothing, you just start silently crying. "Awww Y/n. I can't imagine how you're feeling. This is such a horrible thing to go through. Just know that I'll always be here for you." You sit up and embrace him into a hug . He strokes your hair softly. "I love you."  You just stay silent even though you're surprised. He has never said he loves you before.

"I love you too Milo."

*Back to Present Time*

You shake the thought from your head. Everything has changed. That was seven years ago, now you just want to make yourself proud. You just want to forget Milo.

Author's Note: After a break, I am finally back! This may come off as boring or slow right now but just you wait! This is going to be a fun ride! I'm so excited for another adventure for Y/n and Milo and this time better than before!!! Til next time!

- Zee Sterling

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