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I was still tired after last night cause I stayed up pretty late.
I still need to wake up early cause of stupid school.

I get dressed and stuff, after I just ate an apple cause I wasn't very hungry.

Jayla knows about picking me up everyday cause I talked about it with her yesterday.

Soon she was waiting outside,
With Javon and Jaden this time.
I'm not complaining with Javon cause he's kinda nice, we are mean sometimes but that's normal.
Jaden on the other side, I don't like when he's around me.

We were actually just listening to music and talked about random stuff, till we arrived at school.

We went to our lockers and talked for a bit because we still had some time.

*Jaden pov*

As I found out we need to pick up Yn,
My mood disappeared.
I know she doesn't even like me, she's actually really nice and pretty.
Being honest I don't know why she don't like me. I mean it's pretty obvious she don't like me.

She always ignores me.
Never talked to me even if I want to start a conversation.
I even tried to make the first move to a friendship.
Of course it didn't work.

On our way to school we just listened to music and talked about random stuff that came to our minds.
I was more quiet.
For no reason.

As we arrived at school, we all went to our lockers.

Me and my friends talked till...

"Yo, This Yn girl is really hot and popular, but she's hard to get tho" Marc speaks up again.

I just looked at him, why is he talking about her?
We have been taking about baseball and now?
Don't tell me he...

"Right, but if then I would get her." Tyler said confident.
"Bro, she won't even talk to y'all, why do you two try to get her?"
"She's hit and popular." Marc repeated himself.
"Yeah, why do you care so much about her?" Tyler asked.
"Cause it's maybe not really nice to talk about her.." I answered.
"Well, you like her, don't you" Tyler asked.
"I don't know man, but even if, I would be the one who could try to get her." I admitted.
"Well let's make a bet then, me or Jaden, which one of us can get Yn before the other one." Tyler suggested.

I know it is a bad idea, how stupid I am.
"Let's bet then!" I answered.


I know it won't happen to both of us. But still I'm more close with her then Tyler is with her, I guess?

School is just a peace of shit, with lots of extra problems.

Just to tell the truth..


It's a bet I guess, better me then him, after all.

I decided to ask Yn if she wants to hang out today or whenever.
Hopefully she say yes.
If not, then I'm sure i already lost the bet.

-time skip after school-

We all wait for Yn.
There she comes.
She's actually really pretty.
And hot...

Stop Jaden, you can't think of her like this.
But I'm really, I'm just saying facts...

"Hey Yn!" I greeted her.
"Hey?" She answered cunfused.

Well that was awkward.

"Wanna hang out today?" Jayla asked her.

Thank you sis. You just full ended  my plan for my fist step.
Hopefully it'll work.

"Sure!" Yn answered.

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