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(Your POV)

"How is he gonna make me,his daughter,say sorry?!UGH!!"You said punching a tree down."Uhh M-Mistress?"Jewels said stopping the tree from hitting the ground."Yes...what is it?"You asked."Uhh where exactly are we going?"She asked confused."I don't know I just need time to wait WHY DIDN'T I SLAP HER BACK!!"You yelled.You started walking back towards the manor."Ohhh how she'll wish she never layed a hand on me."You said to yourself as the manor came back in sight.As soon as you made it to the manor you walked through doors to have your father greet you.You ignored him and kept walking,but he followed sensing you were giving off negative energy.You walked to he study and Elizabeth sent you a death glare."Elizabeth,is this the girl you said struck you?"A woman asked."Yes mother."Elizabeth said softly."I am Marchioness Midford.I believe your father is the head butler of this household,Sebastian Michaelis."She started."Yeah,and your point is."You said getting even more upset than you were before."My daughter has told me that you struck her.You know I can easily have your father removed from his place."She said looking at you."Tch,I know my father he won't leave without putting up with a fight.He owes his life to Ciel Phantomhive.This is why I find humans unsightly disgusting,you see life as a game,how despicable."You said with a smirk on your face."And like I said to your daughter,it would be nest not to anger my father or me,that would be very unlady like,we wouldn't want that."You said walking out the room.

(Ciel's POV)

I was sitting in the sun room."Ciellll!"I heard Elizabeth whine out to me."What is it."I said annoyed."That girl!I think Sebastian said her name is Y/N."Elizabeth started."Yes,why does it concern you?"I said taking a sip of tea."I don't want her near you she slapped me twice and what if she hurts you."Elizabeth continued.I just ignored her and started thinking about Y/N's perfect body,but was interrupted by Y/N bursting through the doors."Before you go on spreading lies,you shoud get a makeover because men don't listen to ugly girls like you!!"Y ou yelled."UGLY!?!Who are you calling ugly?!I have you know that I will kick your ugly tail.....You look like a demon!"Elizabeth yelled back."Oh that hurt.AT LEAST I'M NOT 14 AND STILL AIN'T GOT NOTHING!!!Flat chested freak!"Y/N yelled back."FLAT CHESTED YOU DON'T HAVE ANY-"Elizabeth started but stopped and look down at your chest."UGHHH!!"She said storming out the room."That's what I thought."Y/N said.

(Back to your POV)

"Y/N M/N Michaelis!"Your father said sternly.You stiffen and refused to turn around seeing as how he called out your whole name."Turn around Y/N!"He said most likely not very happy.You prayed to satan that you weren't in that much trouble.Then looked down at the ground blushing,cause ciel is still in the room,and slowly turned around.You heard your father walking towards you.'I'm so dead.'

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