Chapter 15: The Amulet

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Finally, it was Christmas. Time flew by fast that Harley found it surprising that she felt much at home in Hogwarts than in her old orphanage. After her accident in her actual first Quidditch match, she practiced more and more. What really bothered her was Draco's unstoppable remarks on her accident. "That Potter doesn't even know how to fly! No wonder she lost her control" or something of the same meaning were said by the infamous Malfoy. 

When it was finally time for most of the students in Hogwarts to rush back to their families, Harry, Harley and the Weaselys were staying for the season. Hermione fussed about leaving, "Are you sure that nothing dumb is going to happen while I'm gone?" she kept on asking. "Everything is going to be fine, Hermione. Have a happy holiday!" Harley said as she bid her friend good bye. 

Later that afternoon, while sitting in the middle of the empty field of the Quidditch arena, she was browsing through the box Hermione gave to her as her birthday gift. She then found an obscure looking book. It was hard bound, covered with a gradient blue-to-purple leather. The pages were yellowed, as if it has been drenched in water and has dried naturally and it seemed really old. She flipped through the pages and noticed notes have been scribbled on the sides. That's when she knew the book was full of stories, fictional imaginations. The stories were focussed on a girl, or that's what Harley thinks since the same girl's name was always used in each story. She was so enveloped in the first story, about the girl, Alice, finding an amulet, then she found out the amulet held special powers. "Harley!" someone called out and Harley was startled. She then closed the book and placed it back to the box. The book then shrunk and faded to the "shelves" full of other books. She then looked to the direction of the person who called her, it was Ginny. 

It was dinner and the only people in the Gryffindor table were the Potters, the Weaselys and surprisingly, Seth Jackson. George noticed Harley looking somewhere and he looked at the same direction. "Why are you eyeing Seth Jackson, eh, Harley?" he asked teasingly, and both Fred and George snickered. "Oooooohhhhhhh, little Harley has a crush on Seth!" Fred said. Harley just looked at them, "Wy do you think I have a crush on Seth? If I did, I would acknowledge it, truthfully. Maybe you both have a crush on him!" Ginny, Ron and Harry suppressed  laughs. 

So a few days have gone by and before she knew it, it was Christmas! Ginny woke Harley up and they went to the common room. She was surprised that she had more gifts in Hogwarts than in her orphanage. She had one from Mrs. Weasely- a lavender colored sweater, one from Ginny-a brown leather jacketed journal and a few more namely from Harry, Ron and the older Weaselys. What really got her attention was a small wooden box, not bigger than her fist. It was painted in a soft metalic blue paint which changed shades, depending on the light. When she opened it, an amber amulet was sitting on a red velvet pillow. When Ginny asked her who it came from, Harley didn't know. 

Later that day, Harley spotted Seth lounging in the common room. No one was around, probably out somewhere. She then took out a small parcel and walked up to Seth. "Hi," she said. Seth shifted uncomfortably on his seat, "Um-hi," he said. Harley held out the small parcel. "What's that?" Seth asked. "It's-um-a Christmas gift, from me. I just wanna give it to you to say thanks-again- for helping me out in the forest." Harley was kinda getting flushed on the face. Seth took it and examined the parcel, "Uh-thanks, Harley," for the first time, Harley saw him smile, but only a tad bit. "You're welcome," Harley nodded and left the common room. Somehow, Harley felt all tingly, since Seth actually said her name. She sighed and mumbled something under her breath like, "I'm so pathetic."

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