5.61 Uncaught - Dry And Clean

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"Like a charm! Alright, I'll get you out of your dia...er...messy brief now and then you just follow the shelves to the restroom", she explained and wanted to rip off the tapes of my wet diaper. I started feeling like a baby laying there on my back in a wet diaper waiting for this woman to change me out of it. I could feel I needed to poop badly now. I had a hard time staying calm and wanted to stop her. I put my hands on my crotch.

"No, please don't!", I pleaded while I felt the contents of my bowel press against the exit and I wasn't sure whether I would be able to make it anymore.

"Calm down, Lyza. Believe me, it will be hard for you to get these tapes off on your own so let me just do it for you", she explained with a warm smile which only made me panic even more.

"Please don't embarrass me!", I cried and needed to get off the couch and rush to the restroom. By then I had already decided it would be okay to also mess my diaper if that was the only way out of this situation.

"Hey Lyza, you need to calm down. Please! No one is embarrassing you. There's really nothing to be ashamed of, girl. Just relax and don't worry about the restroom. Your brief is still fine so just let go", she told me in a calm voice and put her hands on mine.

"No...", I initially didn't want to give in, but then I heard a hissing sound and felt pee run down my buttcrack. The relieving of pressure also made my anxiety go away and I finally managed to relax. Rita effortlessly put my hands away from my diaper and opened the tapes one at a time.

"Looks like you finally calmed down a bit, Lyza. Is it okay for you that I take off your diaper now?"

"Yeah I guess...sorry for the fuss...", I agreed and she pulled the diaper open exposing my crotch.

"Don't worry about it...oh look!...you only peed after all...I already thought you had made a mess", she said delighted and reminded me that I still needed the restroom. I was glad I hadn't also leaked the other thing ^^

"So this doesn't count as a mess?"

"That? Oh no! I mean neither your bum nor the brief is actually dirty because it all got absorbed perfectly. That doesn't mean it would have been dire if you had had a bowel movement, too, because after all that's what those are made for. But see? The surface is dry and clean", the clerk explained while holding up my wet diaper by the end with one hand and touched its stained surface with the other.

"Now that you speak of it: I still need to use the restroom"

"But of course. You can take your time while I make some calls. Afterwards just return to the medical couch", Rita told me while rolling up my wet diaper and throwing it in the trash can. I got to my feet and quickly went through the shelves to the restroom. It was exactly where she had described it. After sitting down I took a deep breath for the start. Then I did my business, wiped myself and flushed the toilet before returning to the room with the medical couch. To my surprise Rita was already waiting for me again. She had my green panties in her hand.

"I can't believe you actually went to the loo naked", Rita told me chuckling and I quickly covered my hairy pussy with my shirt. I hadn't even thought about putting my jeans back on ^^

"Oh...I guess I saw no use in it because I would've needed to undress again in the restroom and now here...", I explained embarrassed.

"You don't need to justify yourself, Lyza. I like your straightforward approach! Now lay down so we can give it a try", she said smiling.

"If I may add something first...?"

"Go ahead"

"I don't think I can lay down somewhere at school to change my diaper. I mean the only place I can imagine for a change would be a restroom stall which means I can only do it sitting or standing, you know"

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