It was a hot, humid and sunny day, the smell of hot chips and fairy floss lingered in the air.

Yes, the Royal Darwin show was on and Rachael was guzzling down a blue Powerade, contemplating her next move.

"Should I wait till my Powerade settles in my stomach.. or should I go on "Energy Storm?"

Rachael pondered this over for a milisecond, her body automatically taking her to the ticket line with her ex boyfriend Shane.

Shane and Rachael broke up less than a month ago and Shane was not ready to let Rachael go. Rachael was sick of the whiny, annoying messages and voicemail that was left everyday stating how much he missed her, so Rachael decided to stop Shane turning into a psychopathic stalker and decided she should just be friends with him to save her sanity.

"RAAYYY.........Are you coming on the ride with me or not?" Shane whined, snapping Rachael out of her thoughts. Rachael gave an apologetic smile to the ticket collector who was looking rather impatient and hopped into the ride's carriage with Shane, locking herself into the seat with the ride's safety contraptions secure around her shoulders and lap. The ride started up, starting to move the carriage around the platform slowly before gathering speed.

"Are you ok Ray? you look kinda pale" Shane stated. "Ugh, yeah, I should of just waited a little while longer before going on this ride, the Powerade hasn't settled yet" Rachael mumbled. 

Shane started to look worried just as the carriage threw them upside-down and spun them around pretty fast. The MC yelled out over the loud music that in 10 seconds they will be experiencing G Force. He started to count down: 10...9...8....7...6...5...4...3...2...1 and then the ride went even faster.

Rachael was fighting her body to keep the Powerade down  until after she was off the ride. After what seemed like hours rather than minutes, the ride slowed down and Rachael was helped out of the ride by an Energy Storm assistant.

Rachael's body decided that the Powerade was kept down long enough and Rachael puked all over the ride's platform and stairs before  puking again all over her feet. "Wow, it's blue!' a little blonde kid yelled out over a chorus of "eewwww!!!!" from the Jumping Castle next door.

Shane led Rachael to the toilets and helped Rachael washed the spew off her feet and thongs. It was then she noticed that her T-shirt had blue spew on it as well. "Great!" she muttered before taking her shirt off, revealing a black singlet underneath.

"Shane, did you bring a spare shirt?" Rachael asked. Shane simply nodded and passed the shirt to her silently. Rachael slipped the shirt on and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Apart from looking a little pale, Rachael looked pretty damned good.

Rachael popped a piece of gum in her mouth and faced Shane. " I think its time to go home" Rachael admitted. Shane just nodded a smirked.


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