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May 27
9:54 pm

Me and Britain sat in the car alone, both completely silent as we waited outside of the club. I just kept my eyes on my phone, texting Nani to kill time until this man shows up

After I finished texting her back I sat my phone down and pulled down the mirror, checking my reflection. Letting out a sigh, I grabbed my lipgloss out of my bag and applied some more before fixing my hair

"This man need to hurry up so I can get outta this car" I muttered and Britain let out a chuckle

"Shit, you can get out now"

"And you can just shut the fuck up. How bout that"

"See what you gotta curse for?"

"Britain just shut the hell up forreal. Ion want you talkin to me"

"Mad for no fuckin reason"

"I'm mad for no reason?" I questioned while pointing at myself

"I ain did shit to you but you had an attitude with me for the past few days"

"Oh course. You ain do shit. You never do shit"

"Nah" Britain shook his head "cause I don't. You be mad for no reason then run back a couple days later ready to jump back on my dick"

"I don't run back to shit. You got me fucked up! You act like you the only dick on this earth"

"Well go find you some then! Shit, you already be on Jt dick"

"The same way you be all up in Eliza?" I asked, making him look at me "and you tryina say that shit like I'm fuckin jt. I never did and I'm not about to sit here and let you play with me like that. You the one out here fuckin with other people and wanna look all sad and shit when jt flirt with me in ya face. Boy fuck you"

I turned to look and saw the guy finally approaching the entrance of the club dressed nice as hell. He looked like he was about my age

"Well one thing I ain doing is stopping you from doing you. Shit, we ain ever been together so what it matter for?"

I nodded, opening the car door "you are absolutely right"


"Go to hell" I cursed, getting out of the car and slammed the car door, heading across the street into the club. My heels clicked against the pavement and I pulled the bottom of my dress down some as I approach the club bouncer

As he checked me his weird ass copped a feel of my butt and I rolled my eyes, going inside. The first place I headed once I got inside was the bar because I really need a fucking drink

I walked over to the bar seeing Eliza sitting there with a drink in her hand, vibing to the music as she casually looked around so I went to the empty seat beside her

Once she realized it was me she smiled "Bad bitch"

"And the fuck is" I flipped my hair, sitting down

"You came right on time. He just got in here not too long ago" she informed me as she looked to her right "don't look but he's over there talking to some girl and he staring right at you licking his lips"

"Can I get two shots of Patron?" I asked the bartender while handing her money "and you can keep the change"

While she got ready to fix me my shots I looked over at Eliza again

"So did you hear anything about the new boy yet?" She asked before sipping from her drink

I shook my head, pushing my hair behind my shoulders "I find stuff out the same time yall do. My daddy don't ever tell me nothing"

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