16 |In Action.

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10th August 2013, Patras Greece.

                THIRD PERSON

Althea let go of Atlas's hand after she recognized him, "i need to talk to you" Atlas told her, as she turned "no thank you" she said as she started walking with Atlas on her heel "no look it's important, it's about what happened with my father" as he said that Althea came to a halt.

She turned to face him "you have 5 minutes, no more" she said and he nodded in appreciation he led her to his car, they got in "your time starts now" Althea said and Atlas took a deep breath.

" i first wanted to apologize for what my father did, I didn't know he would do that even if i did i had no control to stop him, i found out 2 months ago and i tried searching for you but it was impossible." He said.

Evander Castellanos, the ex don of the Greek mafia and Atlas's father.

Evander worked with Leonid, that means he was a part on what happened to Althea.

Of course Althea knew that, she just doesn't know how was he a help.

"I already know that" Althea said with an eye roll "but what I don't know is what did your father help with" she said with a glare.

"I-" Atlas opened his mouth but nothing came out and Althea raised one eye brow at him "I don't know okay, he spilled what he did two months ago, but if you really want to know you can ask him, he is locked up in my basement" Atlas suggested.

"And what can make me believe that you have him in your basement, i mean after all your his son, his filthy blood is running throw your veins" Althea said with disgust, even though she knew his Father was in the basement, she knew why, she knew what he did, but what she never knew was, why he did it, and guess it was time to find out.

"Cause he isn't even my real Father, so no his filthy blood isn't running throw my veins, and he really is locked up cause.. lets just say when he found out I wasn't his son.. his treatment for me wasn't the best" Atlas said.

"I know" Althea started and Atlas looked at her in surprise " i just wanted to see if you would say the truth" she said as he nodded, the car ride continued in silence.

Soon they were in-front of a black mansion as they got in it was modern even though it looked old outside, they went to the basement where Evander was held.

5th November 2019, Moscow Russia.


Since that day Atlas became one of the people i trust.

It may seem that i trust everyone here, but I don't.

Only ones i trust here are, Atlas, Toni, Papa, Theo, Petrov and Vincente.

The others i do trust them but not completely, that still doesn't mean i trust those six people completely.

"Never trust someone completely" Alik voice boomed "never trust them with your love, hate, and surely never trust them with your knowledge" he continued "and i promise if you live on that мой убийца, everything will go according to Your plan" he finished looking intensely at me, like i was his prey "i told you those words years ago and i will continue repeating them, but you still trusted someone-" "not completely" i cut him off "I don't even trust you completely" i said, then a smile covered his face "your learning мой убийца, i am proud" he said as he left the room.

I never trust people completely, i may trust someone more than other but never completely.

I mean they are humans, there job is to stab and leave.

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