The end.

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Thank you for helping The Mimic: Origins become popular! I hope you all enjoyed the story as it took a while for me to make dealing with school and as the time I was a lore writer. It was nice working as a lore writer for The Mimic community besides the toxic members there. If any of you wish to see more stories from me, just check my profile and the other stories I have already made so far outside of The Mimic! I am going to be working on a new story about two siblings in a forest. If you have any advice to add into my stories, let me know. I love reading all of your comments and opinions from time to time. Sometimes you guys comment hilarious things, while also questionable things. (Also to those who are still lore writers for The Mimic, you can contact me about things to do with the story rather than confirming things or mentioning things without my permissions and such. There's still a lot none of you know about this story that I have included. So feel free to message me anytime.)

                                                                                                                                                  Farewell, Lapis

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