Annie woke a day later, clearly being drugged. She was in a small cramped room. The only light coming from the glass roof. Their was damp in one of the corners and in the other an un-comfy bed and small blanket that she was currently laying on. From under the door a tray of food was passed underneath. The tray contained lumpy mash potato, cold peas and scraps of chicken. Annie looked at the tray horrified but had no choice but to eat it. She started to wonder where she was. Why she was here? Wasn’t Carlos locked up in prison? Is Josh even looking for her, or is he still with Millie? The last one hurt her the most. How could he do that to her? How could he break her heart? If only she knew the truth.

30 minutes later, Annie had already finished her food when she heard voices outside the door. She pressed her head to the floor to try and get a glimpse of them through the door. She recognized the young girls face but it didn’t hit her until she spoke.

“Yeh that’s her…no Josh doesn’t know shes here, shes all yours now…mhmm I’m not letting him go this time” She laughed to the person she was chatting to on the phone. Millie. Annie didn’t know weather to be angry at her or upset that Josh wasn’t looking for her at all…she decided both, but quietly. The others thought she was sleeping and in order to keep herself safe, she let them continue to think like that.

What Annie didn’t know that Josh had been looking over the whole city for her. Her favorite places; restaurants, shops, parks, no sight of her. He decided to take matters into his own hands and contacted Joseph.

“Pick up” He repeated down the phone to the dial tone.

“Hello?” He answered voice all husky from sleeping.

“It’s Annie…shes been taken”

It wasn’t long before they were both back at the agency. “Why the hell did you let her out of your sight? You knew full well they were still looking for you both since your father is still around!” Josh ignored him, searching the internet for any clue on her location. Nothing. His expression was blank just like the internets source of information. The whole agents working on the case sat around a large round table including Joseph, Josh and his father. No words were spoken as they we’re all concentrating. It was a few minutes when Josh’s eyes widen and he finally spoke.


Oh god its been sooooo long and im sooo sorry! Ive had this little thing called "writers block" again. Its a B*tch. Ive also had exams i need to study for as its an important year and im looking for a job which is very unsucessful at the moment too-.- I also have a new blog that takes up some of my time too and im reading more aswell! I have my other fanfic i write more frequently on because well its alot easier to write than this one i guess:( I will hopefully update soon and not in about 5 months like this one and i hope you liked it x

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