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Harry's P.O.V.

I walked down the dark road my hands buried in my pockets. I wasn't sure how late it was, but I was sure my parents were going to kill me. My pace picked up a good bit as I rounded the corner. "Hey fag!" I heard a voice behind me yell. Oh no. I turned to see four boys standing there, their eyes burning into my skin. They started walking towards me and I bolted down the road but something caught my foot and I tripped.My body rolled on the ground and I looked up to see the boys now surrounding me. "What's a fag like you doing out this late?!" A boy I knew as Henry yelled. These were boys from my school, homophobes. "I- I was g-going home f-from a friends.." I stammered as my body shook rapidly. "Twerp burn in hell" another boy growled, that was Jacob.

He picked my up by my air and I hissed jaw clenched "Let me go." At that I spit right in his face causing him to drop me. "Your going to regret that kid" he growled digging for something in his pocket. My eyes widened as a gun shot went of, followed by a few more. Pain shot through my body as my hand clenched my shoulder and I fell to the ground. As my vision fogged I heard running footsteps. My body fought itself as my breathing slowed and I fought for air. "No no no no no!" I heard a familiar voice yell. As my eyes slowly cleared and tears fell from my eyes. "Hazza!" soon my body started to shake as my breathing slowly died.

"No wake up!" My vision cleared to see Lou, tears streaming down his face. I tried to speak, but I couldn't. "No no no" I listened as his voice caught in his throat. I began to feel dizzy and confused. He scooped me up in his arms and held onto me tightly. I felt tears drip onto my face as dark spots clouded my eyes. "Hazza it's Lou I'm going to help you ok. Just hang in there!" His voice was panicked and I just wanted to wrap my arms around him, but my body wouldn't move. Soon everything went black.



"Harry Styles Killed-" I turned off the telly before they could continue. That's all that was on the news. It was all about his death, the boy I loved's death. People were there to support his shitty parents. All the fake tears, it was disgusting. I knew what they were like. I looked down to see the scar across my index finger and memories came flowing back.


There was a knock on my door which caused me to shut off my music. I walked over and opened it only to see Harry standing there with his head down. "Harry?" He didn't respond, I watched the tears drip off his nose onto the pavement below. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him inside, shutting the door loudly. "Baby what's wrong?" My hand gently touched his chin, raising it so he'd look at me. What I saw shocked me. Around his two beautiful eyes were dark bruises. Dried blood was around his nose which was red and puffy. "Who did this?" I breathed, my teeth clenched together. He sniffed, "M-my parents, I told them."

All at once a wave of emotions came over me. "Come on let's get you cleaned up..." I walked him into the bathroom and made him sit down on the tub. My medicine cabinet was crowed with junk. Different medications were scatted throughout it's shelves. As I dug through all the bottles my finger got sliced on blade. I cursed and pulled back my hand to look at the cut across my index finger which was now bleeding. After deciding to ignore it I finally found my small first aid kit. While shutting the cabinet the kit opened spilling it's contents on the floor. "For fucks sake!" I threw the contents back into the small case and sat in front of Harry.

"Take off your shirt, I'm going to get ice." I left the room and returned with a zip block bag full of ice." "Put this on you eyes." I said while handing him the bag. My eyes quickly skimmed his body. He had bruises all along his sides but nothing major. I reached for the elastic of his sweats, "May I?" He nodded and I pulled them down a bit to reveal his bloody hip. With a sigh I wrapped his hip with bandages. "Sss" He sucked in air his eyes filling with tears. "Sorry..." I muttered and pulled back up his sweats.

What did they do to him? I thought while wetting a washcloth to wipe away the dry blood. "Thanks by the way..." He muttered as I pressed the cloth to his nose. "Ouch..." He whimpered as I wiped away the blood. "Sorry..." He switched the ice to his other eye. The bathroom fell silent. "What did they do to you?" He flinched and set down the ice bag. "I told them I was gay... Then my dad got pissed. He pushed me into a wall and hit me a few times but that was it.." "This isn't acceptable Harry that's abuse!" I yelled getting worked up.

Tears filled his emerald eyes and I stiffened. "I didn't mean to get worked up I apologize..." A single tear rolled down his face, "No it's f-fine." His lip began to shake then the tears came rolling down. "It's ok Haz, I'm here...." I sat beside him on the tub and we both cried, cried for hours. Later that night I sent him home promising to never let him get hurt again. Little did I know I would soon be holding his limp body in my arms.

End Flashback

They were burying him today... I was told not to show my face or they would call the cops. The thought made me laugh a bit. I gave him happiness, and they gave him pain. Yet I was the one who had to be separated from him. I was planning to visit his grave tomorrow. Hopefully he would forgive me for the promise I broke.

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