Chapter 8

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When Ciara woke up the next day, she was disoriented and it took her sometime to remember where she was.

That was when all the memories of the day before flashed into her mind. She felt an irresistible call of nature so she pressed the bell she had been ordered to press when she needed anything.

Five minutes later, the door to her room opened and the maid assigned to assist her who introduced herself as Nicole the day before entered the room, her presence accompanied by the wonderful scent of bacon, eggs and tea.

Ciara's stomach growled in response to the smell of breakfast which she had not been allowed to have at the pack house.

"Good morning Ciara." Nicole said.

"Good morning." Ciara replied. "Can you direct me to the toilet? I really need to pee."

Nicole helped Ciara stand and pulled her to the large bathroom that was part of the equally almost apartment-like room given to Ciara.

After Ciara used the toilet, she brushed her teeth and had her bath assisted by the ever pleasant Nicole who then led her back to the room to eat.

"You can eat with me, you know." Ciara suggested.

"Nah, I'm half vampire, my food must always have a little blood or it won't digest."

Ciara nodded then she asked the question that had been on her mind since she woke up. "What about the Queen?"

"Oh...she's in a meeting for now, I'm here to keep you company till she's ready to talk to you. Do you want to look around?"

"I can't really look know because I'm...blind." Ciara tried to joke about it.

"Oh yeah...sorry, I might have forgotten."

"No need to be sorry, it's really great that you forgot. Those who took care of me at the pack couldn't seem to ever overlook's great to be with someone who can forget my defects even while taking care of me. Thank you." Ciara said.

"You're welcome, I'm glad to take care of you anyway because I like you. You're safe here."

Then Nicole enveloped her in a tight assuring hug as if she knew that Ciara needed the hug.


Prince Andrew of the Rubis coven had just finished his morning jog around the coven's estate and was jogging back to the royal mansion belonging to himself, his mother-Queen Meredith and their servants when his empathic ability flared up.

He was just going past the garden directly below his room's window when he felt happiness. Unadulterated joy from deep within someone's heart expressed through laughter.

He tried to blank out the feelings that were not his the same way he blanked out other people's feelings whenever he felt it. But he couldn't and though it intrigued him that he couldn't separate his emotions from the person's emotions, it also annoyed him.

It annoyed him because all his practice to control his empathic abilities which had been proving rather fruitful were being undermined by the person's overwhelming emotions.

So he stormed into the garden in search of the person and the scent of a delicious human led him to an opening in the garden where a girl held a bunny and was laughing happily at the bunny who kept chewing at her hair.

Drew, as he was popularly called by really close friends, didn't know when a smile tugged onto his face as he watched the baby rabbit chew on the girl's blonde hair as though it was hay.

"Stop it, stop it...laughing so much hurts..." The girl said breathlessly and he could almost feel the stitch to his side.

Drew stepped forward to separate the girl from the bunny and that was when he looked closely at the girl, used his sense of smell and realized that she must be the owner of the delicious human scent he had smelt earlier.

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