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Kakuzu part 1

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You chuckled as Hidan started to walk over to you before tripping and landing in your arm. "I guess you could say you fell for me" you smile as Hidan stood to his feet and brushed himself of "Shush b**ch and pick an item" 

Laughing at his flustered state you put your hand in the bag and pull out the first item that touches your fingers "A piece of thread" you chuckle "Konan this isn't yours right?" 

"No its mine" a deep voice grunted next to you, you turned to see Kakuzu standing next to you. He was maskless and the stitches on his face were visible. His long brown hair was pulled up into a loose pony tail so you could see his green and pink eyes with ease; he wore no cloak so you could also see his strong arms which were also covered in the dark stitches. It was strange how attractive you found it all. 

Hidan frowned "Oh...poor you. You got the old f**cker, I could tell you wanted me but we could always catch up later in my room if you wanted" he gave you a wink before leading you to the closet and slamming the door behind you. 

Kakuzu went and leaned against the back wall "I can't believe I was bribed into this" you laughed "No offence Kakuzu, but you're not exactly hard to bribe you"

"I won't deny it I suppose" he grunted before you fell back into silence. 

"So..." you smile weakly "we gunnu' make out or what?" Kakuzu's eyes widened slightly "You're joking right? We are in an S rank criminal organisation. We don't 'make out' with people" 

"Come on, it won't hurt to smooch for 7 minutes" you giggle at the glare you were receiving from the man. "Please?" 

He thought about it "Okay I'll make you a deal. For every 30 seconds we 'smooch' you have to pay me 10 yen. Deal?"

"What? So I pay you like you're a prostitute?" 

"Wh-? No that's not it at all" 

You laugh "Oh god Kakuzu. Is this some kind of side job to make extra cash? Do you do this often?"

You were pretty sure Kakuzu was blushing slight "I swear (y/n) if you don't shut it I'll kill you!"

You couldn't breathe you were laughing so hard; you held a hand to your side. "Okay okay I'm sorry" you panted as Kakuzu crossed his arms over his chest "You better be, brat" 

"So mean" you hold a hand to your heart and sigh dramatically "I still wanna' make out with you though" you blurt out before you could rephrase yourself.

He raises an eyebrow "Why? You could easily let Hidan bang your brains out later for free." He growled harshly

"Jealous Kakuzu?" you giggle laying your head on his chest

"In your dreams"

You chuckle "Come one though we have like 2 minutes left and I don't think a kiss will kill you" Defeated he sighed "Fine, but only this once" grinning evilly, you launched yourself at him wrapping your arms around his neck and gently kissing him on the lips. Slowly he started to return it however it remained innocent and simple until eventually Kakuzu got more comfortable and began to relax allowing his hands to slide down to your backside and rest there. You smirk into the kiss as Kakuzu starts to deepen it just as the door swings open which neither of you notice until you hear a pained scream. 

"AH! MY EYES BURN!" Hidan screamed and covered his eyes "EW SHE IS KISSING A 90 YEAR OLD EW EW EW EW. MAKE IT GO AWAY" Hidan ran out the room yelling in pain as you and Kakuzu broke apart. 

"Oops" you chirp with a grin on your face  

"Good job guys" Pein growled "You broke Hidan"

Kakuzu smirked slightly "Like killing two birds with one stone"

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