Chapter 21

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Peter's heart dropped. He couldn't stand anymore. All the times be had thought he failed to protect Sarah. This was the biggest failure of them all.

"Sarah you don't understand," Peter said.

"I saw everything you did." Sarah screamed. How could you kill mom, dad, Uncle Jeffrey, and Aunt Elma. Not to mention all those innocent people who had never done you wrong."

"I was trying to protect you!" Peter cried.

"Nothing that you ever did protected me," Sarah responded.

The anger that was stuck inside of Peter was bursting. Peter set into a sprint. He ran towards Uncle Jerry, but Sarah was in front. He took Sarah by the shoulders and threw her to the side. Then he pulled a letter opener off a nearby desk and charged Uncle Jerry.

He slashed and stabbed, but only got air. Uncle Jerry was too big, and quick.

"I could do this all day Peter just give up," his uncle laughed.

Peter knew he couldn't skill him from up close. He grabbed the sharp part of the letter opener, held it behind his head, and launched it straight at his uncle.
It traveled through the air so fast, but felt so slow. It made impact. Blood squirted out of Uncle Jerry's chest. It was a direct hit. "Bullseye!" Peter shouted with joy.

"No!" Sarah screamed.

Sarah came running back, but Peter just pushed her to the side again. He ran up to his uncle's body which stood propped up against a wall. Peter ripped the knife out of him and stabbed him again, and again, and again. Blood sprayed all over Peter's face. Uncle Jerry was dead.

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