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Deidara part 2

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"huh" you mutter a frown forming on your face "This is new" you look at the door that once led to your room which was now covered in clay birds, flowers and hearts. Sighing you take the door handle and step in just as the clay decorations explode in your face knocking you back into the door opposite breaking though it. 

"Ow..." you wince rubbing the debris of your face. You sit up to see Kakuzu staring at you with an eyebrow raised, money in his hand "Great job (y/n)" he growled "You made me lose count" 

"Sorry" you groan rubbing your sore head, the room around you spinning.  

You felt strong hands lift you to your feet and put you down roughly on a chair "so what happened to you?" Kakuzu chuckled as he went back to counting his money with a mildly amused expression 

"Deidara happened" you sigh still rubbing the bomb remains of yourself "He set up decorations outside my room which exploded"

"Oh so Romeo is still trying is he?"


Kakuzu smirked "He is pathetic. Money is more important than love yet he is costing us more money the harder he tries to get you" he looks up at the door which you came crashing though "You're paying for the door by the way" 

You glare at him "Deidara is not pathetic and money is not more important than love"

Kakuzu sighed "Then go find Deidara, get married, run off into the sunset and have as many bomber babies as you please. It will be bloody cheaper for me" 

"Just because I said love is more important, doesn't mean I want it and no I am not running off with Deidara. I love my job and only my job"

Putting the money down into a neat pile the old man looks at you before sighing "I agree with Sasori, girls are confusing"

"Well if Sasori isn't into girls we could always suggest a few guys for him. I bet Sasori and Deidara would make a great couple" you chuckle earning an awkward cough from Kakuzu

"Okay moving on from Sasori and Deidara dating-"

"Excuse me?" a smooth voice asked as you turned to the broken door. The chocolate eyed red-head was standing in the door way.  "What is all this about me and the brat?"

You smile "Oh me and Kakuzu were talking about your sexual preferences. Since you find girls annoying and confusing we thought it would be smart to set you up with Deidara instead"

"Deidara. Girl. Same thing" Sasori scoffed earning him a glare from you "Your mean, Deidara is clearly not a girl" 

"Complains like one"

"Not all girls complain!"

"Of course not" he replied sarcasm tainting his voice as he rolled his eyes "If you're so set on sticking up for Deidara why don't you just go ahead and date him? You're all he has talked about for the past week" 

You could feel a blush creeping upon your face which you attempted to hide with your hand "All week?" you asked as casually as you could manage.

Noticing your blush Sasori rolled his eyes again "Tch, honestly you're blushing? I don't get humans. Anyway Deidara asked me to send you to the training area outside, he wants to show you something"

"Oh, thanks." You stand up as Sasori stops you 

"Hang on" he mutters and pulls something out of your hair "The brats clay was in your hair"

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