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Deidara part 1

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"Oh sweetheart" Hidan cooed beckoning you closer as Sasori stormed out the closet away from Tobi 

"Never make me do that again" Sasori growled and glared at Hidan as he walked out the room away from the boy with the lolly pop mask. "Sasori, wait!" Tobi called "We haven't kissed yet!" he started sprinting after the puppet man.

"Well..." you coughed before turning back to the bag and putting your hand in. You fished around for something when something clammy brushed against your fingers, not bothering to think you pulled it into the air. You sighed as you saw the item "Deidara..." you turned to see the bomber standing behind you as he put his arms around you gently taking the clay model from you. 

"You don't need this to make me explode, un" he quietly hissed into your ear so no-one else could hear him. A scarlet blush quickly started to scatter across your face as you glared at him. 

"Alright" Hidan smirked nudging the pair of you towards the dark closet. "Try keep it clean...or don't. I don't F**cking care" and with that the door slammed and locked into place. You sighed running your hand though your hair as you felt hot breath skim down your neck. You jumped back slightly realizing that Deidara was right behind you as he grabbed your wrist and forced you to face him. 

"Art may be a bang, but I'd bang you" he hissed seductively into your ear. You couldn't help but snigger. "What?" he growled defensively clearly offended that his seduction attempts didn't have you swooning.

"Deidara, you're trying too hard" you chuckle "We're only meant to be making out not starting a love story"

Deidara face seemed to drop as he let on a weak smile "Aha right yeah. My bad, un"

You frowned "Whats wrong Deidara? Times wasting"

"I...nothing. Let's just get on with this" he grabbed you roughly and slammed his lips onto yours as you stood there with your eyes wide open before slowly returning the kiss tangling your hand in his long blonde hair as he wrapped his hands around your waist tightly. His tongue licked across your bottom lip as you denied him, smirking into the kiss as he bit down on your lip causing you to gasp as he forced his tongue into your mouth swiftly defeating your own leaving no area of your mouth unexplored. You suddenly yelped as a wet substance touched your back.

"What the hell?" you gasped as Deidara chuckled holding up his hand innocently, the tongue on his palm swishing greedily.

"Sorry about that, un" he chuckled darkly before slamming you back against the wall and planting soft kisses down your jaw line, down to your neck before digging his teeth sharply into your neck causing you to moan loudly. 

"OW" you growled at him as he licked away the blood. "Quit killing the mood"

Deidara laughed gruffly "Sorry, I'm not trying to. I just..." a depressed look sweeping across his face

You frowned "You just what, Deidara?" you had never seen him this way before. Sure Deidara was a lot of things, angry, slightly stuck up, confident, smug, talented, and clever but not...what he was being right now, depressed and even nervous. 

He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck "I... really like you (y/n) and I don't want this to be a one off make out session"

You blinked at him no words able to escape your lips. You really liked Deidara but you were in the Akatsuki and didn't have time for a relationship, you just wanted to have a little fun 

"God damn it (y/n) I think I love you, un" he continued starting to glow a bright red and shaking a little bit. Your own heart was pounding and your head was spinning but you tried to remain strong.

"Deidara it would never work. We're part of the Akatsuki, a group of S rank criminals we don't have time for relationships you should know this." You state sadly feeling your own heart crack in two. 

Deidara frowned "I see" he sighed before looking into your eyes suddenly a grin erupted on his face.

"What?" you snap scared by his sudden mood swing as he stands there smiling like Hidan before sacrificing someone 

"Then I'll prove to you I'm worth your time, yeah! Thats what I'll do!" He smiles as you sweatdrop. 'I was wondering when his ego would come back' you thought to yourself as the door opened. 

Deidara swiftly kissed you on the cheek before casually walking out the closet leaving you sighing to yourself "What has this game got me into" you say aloud.

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