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Hidan Part 4

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You laid your head on the cold floor of cell. The iron bars towered around you locking you into the small space in which you were trapped, you looked up at the man guarding you...the man who used to be your best friend "Kakashi" you complained as the silver hair ninja looked from the perverted  book he was reading.

"What, (y/n)?" he growled trying to sound as hostile as possible and failing only causing his voice to come out in a sad tone. 

"I'm bored" you complained to the man as if he was still your friend

"Not my problem" he replied catching his emotions and throwing them away so his voice came out in monotone 

"We could at least talk" you asked

"I have nothing to say to you, Akatsuki scum" anger returning to Kakashi's reply

"Ow, you hear that? That was sound of my heart breaking"

"uh-huh, Hear that? That was the sound of me not caring" 

"You're mean Kakashi"

"And you're still scum"

"I am not scum" 

"Well you betrayed your friends and broke the rules, I don't need to remind you of the saying do I?"

"Yeah yeah, "Those who break the rules are scum, those who betray their friends are worse than scum. Save me the lecture. Honestly you think I betrayed you out of choice" you choked; it was true you were forced into the Akatsuki. One day a silver haired man with a scythe and a tanned man covered by a mask and cloak invited you into the Akatsuki. You denied which of course ended in bloody battle in which you lost. "Had I resisted the Akatsuki I would have been killed. You would have lost me either way"

Kakashi stood and walked in front of you, a sadness brimming in his eyes. Slowly he put his hand though the bars of the cage and placed a cold hand on your cheek "Then tell us where the Akatsuki base is and you can come home" his voice was hoarse and his eyes were pleading. You had no idea why but suddenly you burst of laughing brushing his hand away as you put a hand on your side trying to contain yourself "You think you could take them all on? You'd be dead in a minute" you sneered a twinkle of madness in your eye (Hidan is rubbing off on) "And besides" you continue as Kakashi's eye widen "Why would I betray the only people who have accepted me for me and never asked me to change what I do, hmm?"

"Your ways were too extreme-" Kakashi yelled

"My ways were who I was" you yelled back "And I won't change for anyone, not even you...besides..." you felt a blush heat against your cheeks "I have found a guy in the Akatsuki who accepts me for me and even admires me so. I love him and there is no way in hell I will betray his trust"

"You think an Akatsuki man cares about you" Kakashi coughed "I was the one who protected you your whole life"

"Yet somehow I've only known this man for a year and I prefer him to you" You were cutting the ninja deep and wow was it funny. You were born to be in the Akatsuki that much was clear to you now. 

You smiled as the man you once cared so deeply about walked from the room "Aren't you meant to be guarding me?" you cooed after him 

"Someone else can do it, I have Naruto to train" and with that he stormed from the room.

"Idiot" you mumbled before turning to the wall behind you. This cell was full of design flaws; it was right on the edge on town making a getaway quick, the wall would be easy enough to punch through if you charged all your chakra to your fist and now there was now no-one guarding you.

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