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"So you fucked me... and then you went and fucked Gabriella?" Rachel paced slowly in front of Lucifer who was sitting on his throne, picking at his nails.

"Yup." Lucifer said, slightly irritated by Rachel's questions.

"I wasn't really fully relieved from you. So..." Lucifer knew he was lying but Rachel wouldn't, he loved seeing that little sadness in her eyes when he hurt her feelings.

"What is it about you?" The tone in her voice caught his attention. She was disgusted by him.

"I mean, we're supposed to be soul mates who love each other. You're supposed to treat me like I'm your everything and the same with me. Why won't you love me?" Her eyes stayed on the ground, Lucifer wanted to roll his eyes at her but he pitied her.

He would never understand what it's like to have your soul mate not love you.

"Rachel, you knew the day I told you I'm the Devil, I would never love you. I don't feel... love... to anyone. And I never will." Lucifer slammed his fists down on his arm rests. "Do you understand me?" His teeth bared as he snarled at a emotional Rachel.

"I'm sick of your constant pestering about this 'us' that you wish to happen. It won't, you're only there for a fuck." His words hit Rachel right in her chest.
Lucifer could still see in her eyes the love and admiration that she has for Lucifer.

With a scoff, Lucifer slouched in his throne and tapped his fingers on his thigh as he saw Rachel standing there, taking in his words.

Lucifer decided to use this as a chance to look at her.

She had long hair that reached to her ribs, her light blue eyes held such love for Lucifer that he knew she would never stop loving him.

Her lips were soft and plump, but Lucifer couldn't help but let his thoughts wonder to Gabriella.

He wanted to snarl and roar once he thought about Damien.

He felt a stab if jealously when he thought about him fücking both Gabriella, and Rachel. The two women that he secretly wants all to himself.

Rachel's a bad girl with an attitude that can scare a bully. She's beautiful and can get whatever she wants. But something just tells Lucifer to not be 'girlfriend/boyfriend' but then he doesn't want anyone else having her.

Lucifer knows that he will never have Gabriella all to himself, simply because Damien is in the way.

Lucifer regretted making him have feelings like love, admiration, sympathy. He could see that he was starting to worm his way back into Gabriella's heart.

Lucifer hoped that she would still keep up this 'hard to get' act for a long time with Damien, as then he can have his way with her and then maybe he'll think with his dick and not his mind.

Whenever Lucifer is with Gabriella, he wants her but he wants to protect her.

And it all started when she came back alive.

Lucifer rubbed his jaw and looked up at Rachel, he knew how to get his mind off of Gabriella.

"Come here." He used his finger to gesture Rachel to come closer, once she did he pulled her ontop of his lap.

"What are you doing? Just seconds ago you said you don't want me. And only for sex."

"Well, that's what I'm doing now." His arms wrapped around his waist and they vanished into thin air and in less then a second they were in Lucifer bedroom, and they landed softly ontop of his comfortable bed.

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