Hidan part 3

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Hidan lay on the dusty ground with his eyes shut softly with a spear impaling his chest, the blood around him marking a circle with a triangle in the middle. Kakuzu sat patiently on a rock studying the map he had been carrying while you sat behind him leaning against his strong body. "Kakuzu" you moaned quietly sitting up and turning towards him. 

"Yes (y/n)?" he answered gruffly

"How long does Hidans praying take?" 

Kakuzu sighed and folded up his map "We still have at least 15 minutes"

You groan loudly and start leaning against Kakuzu again. He chuckled "Its like babysitting a couple of children"

"Yeah well" you sighed "I can't believe it was either this or having Tobi spy on me again"

Kakuzu raised an eyebrow "I thought Hidan stopped getting Tobi to spy on you"

"Yeah I thought that too but I caught him yesterday, I went to get some coffee and he fell out the cabinet" you sighed "This is getting ridiculous and this is all because of Deidara talking about asking me out"

Kakuzu huffed "From what I hear it is a little more than that"


"I was talking to Sasori yesterday and he was talk about how he heard Deidara talking about you in his sleep" 

"Why was Sasori watching Deidara sleep?"

"That's not the point (y/n)"

You sighed "okay, okay but Deidara knows I'm with Hidan right?"

"Probably but Deidara's ego is so big he could fall from a 1000ft drop and still be okay"

You frowned "That's harsh Deidara can be pretty sweet for a S rank criminal"

"Oh really?" another voice added you turned to see Hidan sitting upright tightly gripping the metal pole impaling his chest. He winced as he yanked it from.

"Good timing" Kakuzu muttered in your ear amusement in his tone.

"Shut up" you hissed back before turning to Hidan "Hidan it sounds bad out of context, I-"

"Save it" he grumbled angrily hiding his hurt tone. His bright magenta eyes wide and almost...Watery? 'No Hidan doesn't cry' you thought to yourself and you walked back to the hide out in silence.

~Time skip brought to you by Deidara's ego~

"Hidan!" you called grabbing his arm as he spotted you coming down the corridor before turning and walking away. "You can't ignore me forever!"

"Oh yeah?" he scoffed "Watch me"

"Haha! You just spoke to me!"

"Damn it..." 

"Hidan..." you sighed wrapping your arms around his waist and snuggling into his back, your nails digging into his chest. "...Please..."

"Go cuddle with Deidara" he snapped trying to shove you off him.

"I don't wanna'" you moaned and cuddled him tighter 

"I don't f*cking care about you right now, f*ck off and leave me alone b**ch" he snarled pushing you so hard you fell to the ground. 

This annoyed you greatly "Oh so I do one thing wrong and you won't even look at me? Who was bloody getting Tobi to spy on me for the past week? Freaking creep" you look up at Hidan who continues to speed walk away from you. You felt a pang in your chest as you stood on shaky feet, leaning your weight against the wall and you bit your lip sharply to hold back the tears.

"(y/n)-chan? Are you okay, un?"  You recognized the voice immediately as a blonde and red headed man approached you

"Not now Deidara" you muttered before storming past him and Sasori.

"Where are you going, (y/n)?" Sasori asked as you continued to march away "Outside" you growled 

You stood in the open air and took a deep breath, the wind stroking against your skin blowing away your worries. "This is nice" you sighed with your hands in your pocket. Perching down by a river you leaned back and allowed the soft grass to tickle your ears. 

"you look comfy" an unfamiliar toned sneered as you jumped to your feet and took a step back just as punch came your way which you easily dodged. Two hidden leaf ninja stood in front of you in a battle stance 'crap' you thought 'Sometimes I forget I'm an S rank criminal'


"What is an Akatsuki chic doing out around by herself" one of the cooed 

"Getting some air, what does it look like?" you hissed as you realized you were weapon less, you swiftly reached down and grabbed a handful or dirt before throwing it into your attackers eyes running as they screamed in surprise.  You sprint back the way you came as a shadow clone appeared in front of you, and then to the side before long you were surrounded.  As quickly as you could your hands began to form signs 

"(Jitsu of your choice)" you called aiming it towards your attacker...nothing happened 

"Is you Chakra level a little low?" your attacker sneered, crap he was draining your chakra. You grunted as his partner ran towards an planted a punch into your chest winding you. He repeated but this time into your stomach, then your head, then back to chest then to your nose. He repeated until you could feel the blood starting to drain dragging your energy with it. 

"Hey! Get the f*ck away from my b**ch!" a voice yelled from behind you just as an angry blur came into view slicing at the men who stood dumbfounded in front of you clearly not expecting you to have back up.

"H-h-hidan?" whispered hoarsely as the bodies of your attackers were torn apart. He turned and scooped you up into his arms.

"Oh god (y/n) I'm sorry" he muttered snuggling you tight "If I hadn't had got mad at you..."

"Its fine Hidan" you chuckled quietly 

"I swear I'll get Tobi to stop spying on you" he paused "Even though if I didn't you may be out here dead" 

You frowned as he scooped you up in to a bridal style lift "Wait...Tobi told you I was out here?"

Suddenly a orange swirled mask appeared in front of your face "Tobi did because Tobi is a good boy"

"Cheers Tobi" you smile weakly as Hidan pulls you closer to him "See I'm not a complete f*ck up!" he grins 

"Of course" you giggle reaching up and giving him a quick peck on the lips.

Tobi giggled "Does Tobi get a kiss to?"

"NO" both you and Hidan say at once causing Tobi to sniff "Fine I'll go be all be my lonesome"

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