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Hidan part 2

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You slowly took a bite out of the crimson apple gripped in your hand (Sorry if you don't like apples). You had the strangest feeling you were being watched, it had started after you spent the evening with Hidan, about the day after 'the event' you never quite felt alone like you always had eyes on you. 

"It's just the feeling of a lover's comfort" you sighed to yourself throwing the apple behind you carelessly 

"Ouchy, My poor little head" a high voice squeaked from behind you, you turned so fast you almost fell over. A man in a bright, orange lollypop mask was crouched down rubbing his head in pain.

"Tobi? Were you spying on me?" you spat in annoyance at the moaning man-child lying at your feet. 

Tobi gasped at the fact you had discovered him "(y/n)-chan! Oh I was told not to let you see me, Can we pretend you never noticed me?"

You frowned "Who told you not to let me see you?" Tobi gasped again "Sorry (y/n)-chan, Tobi has already said too much and Tobi is a good boy!" standing on shaky feet, he stood and sprinted past you.

"Tobi, wait!" you yelled running after him, damn it he was fast! The little whirl wind sprinted down the corridor as you follow him.

"(y/n)! Leave Tobi alone, Tobi is a good boy!" he called to you picking up speed and running around the corner, you slid around the corner and saw Deidara standing at the end of the corridor, leaning against the wall playing around with some clay. 

"Senpai!" Tobi screamed at him "Help she is going to eat me!" 

Deidara looked up from his "art" and raised an eyebrow as he stuck out his foot causing Tobi to trip and go flying before face planting the floor. You leapt upon him sticking your knee into his back and twisting his arm around holding him in place. 

You grunted as Tobi wiggled and screamed beneath you "All right Tobi, be a good boy and fess up. Who has been getting you to spy on me?"  You hissed into his ear

This just caused Tobi to wiggle more "Tobi is a good boy and Tobi will never tell!"

You sighed "Alright...Deidara!" you smiled at the blonde who had been watching you in amusement "Want to help me torture Tobi?" 

He grinned "Hell yeah, un"  

"Great, bring me "Tobi's special and secret jar of lolly-pop goodness"" You ordered as Deidara nodded before sprinting of and swiftly bringing to you a bright pink jar with swirls and stickers of butterflies on it.

You take the jar while smiling before turning back to Tobi who was still pinned beneath you "Right Tobi, I am going to give you ten seconds to answer my question and for every ten seconds you fail to answer me and Deidara are going to eat a lolly pop each" you state grinning at him 

Tobi looked up and started to squirm desperately "Y-y-you wouldn't!" he cried out looking at you pleadingly 

You and Deidara laugh "Oh really?" he grins at you and you nod "1...2...3..."

"(y/n)-chan! Senpai!! Don't!" the wiggling mess squealed 



"10! Deidara, here you go" you said with a sweet smile handing a cola flavoured Lolly-pop to Deidara who happily except it and popped it in his mouth (The one on his face, not his hands). You took a (f/f) one and greedily started to eat it. 

"Nooooooo!" Tobi screamed dramatically, you were pretty sure he was crying as you and Deidara slowly ate the sweets. Once you were both done you looked up at Deidara sweetly "Want another one?" you giggled holding a strawberry lolly out to him as he gladly took it. 

Tobi cracked "Noooo! Please, I'll confess! I'll tell you who were getting me to spy on you just no more please!" he panted, choking on his own tears. 

You chuckled darkly as you thanked Deidara and loosened your grip on Tobi causing him to sigh quietly in relief "It was Hidan," he breathed "he asked me to watch you while he prayed for a couple of days and because Tobi is a good boy who values his life he agreed!" 

You felt a small amount of crimson tickle across your cheeks as you frowned, why the hell was Hidan getting people to spy on you? "Thank you Tobi" you mutter getting of him "You may leave" the moment the words left your lips the poor boy scrambled to his feet and sprinted away while tripping over his own feet.

"Okay" you sigh to yourself "time to pay Hidan a visit". You marched over to his room before forcefully knocking on the door, "Hidan, I know you're there" you grumble angrily attacking the door with your fist again. 

"Okay b*tch, calm it I'm opening the f*cking door already" a muffled voice winced back

You heard the lock of the door click quietly as it swung open revealing Hidan standing shirtless inside the dark room, blood was splattered across the floor and the stench itself was over powering. You coughed lightly as you causally raised a hand to your nose and pulled your eyes from Hidans toned abs.   

"(y/n)?" Hidan asked raising an eyebrow. He smirked when he noticed you covering your nose. "Oh, sorry" he chuckled stepping into the corridor and pulling the door closed behind him "Blood smells a bit when it dries for too long" 

You smile as the smell dies out "No problem" your smile fades as you remember why you were talking to him "But that is not why I am here" 

Hidan gave an adorable closed eye grin "Miss me that much?" he grinned pulling you into a hug before leaning down and kissing you roughly.

"Hidan stop it" you growl causing him to frown

"What did I F*cking do wrong?" He replied gruffly 

You glared at him "Oh nothing, nothing. Only the fact that you got bloody Tobi to spy on me! Why the hell Hidan? Do you not trust me or something?" 

Hidan's magenta eyes widened "He f*cking told you? I'll f*cking kill him!"

"He didn't tell me out of will" you stated bluntly

"You tortured him?"



"No Hidan it's not cool, you owe me an explanation!" you snarl before crossing your arms and glaring at him, impatiently tapping your foot on the floor. A couple of seconds pass before Hidan groans and rubs his temple "It's not that I didn't trust you or anything" he starts to rub his neck awkwardly "But the other day I was walking around looking the for the old f*cker, Kakuzu ,when I heard Deidara telling Sasori how you were a "True and beautiful piece of art" and he was blabbering about asking you out and I *groans*" Hidan let out a load groan and started hitting his head on the wall next to him. "I wanted to rip his head off but then I released I would need to take a few days off to pray and there be no way to keep him away from you. I...I was scared you would choose him over me, the thought made me so, so, so...MAD I JUST WANTED TO- "You cut him off by placing your lips on his and wrapping your arms tightly around his neck.

"So to insure I didn't get the chance to fly off with Deidara on a clay bird you got Tobi to watch me." You finished for him before smiling and chuckling quietly "I never thought you were the jealous type Hidan" you leaned up and kissed him again causing him to blush "Hidan, honestly there is no-one I would rather be with than you" you cuddled into his chest as he laughed quietly 

"I never thought it would get to the day when I would become jealous of Deidara, f*cking disgraceful" he smirked "I guess I should say sorry, having that f*cking idiot following you must have been annoying"

You shrugged "Honestly it took me a while to notice him" you confessed "Maybe we should give him more credit" 

"Maybe, but for now..." Hidan scooped you up into his arms and gave you a perverted grin "Let's go to your room, it smells better" he smirked "Even better let's use Deidara's room!"

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