Hidan part 1

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You approached the bag with caution as Hidan stood on his toes grinning like a mad man.  "Come on (y/n), don't be shy now" he cackled 

"You're a mad man honestly" you say a small smile creeping on your face as his grin grows wider 

"You bet" he smirked as you slowly put your hand in the small bag and move your hand around, your delicate fingers cross over something small and slightly clammy, you made a wild guess that this was one of Deidara's pieces of "art". Not wanted to get stuck in a closet with a pervert for seven minutes you moved on to something small and cold. Seeing Hidan was getting impatient you clung to it and pulled it to your eyes recognizing the item immediately. It was a necklace with symbol on it; the symbol was a circle with a triangle in the middle. 'So much for not want to get stuck with a pervert' you laughed awkwardly as Hidans grin grew even wider. 

"You know actually, I think I had something to-"you stopped mid-sentence as Hidan swept you up in his arms and threw you onto his strong shoulder 

"Nice try, bitch. You're not F*cking get of this one" Hidan chuckled dumping you down on the floor of the closet and slamming the door behind him. You heard the lock the trapping you in the closet with the Jashinist.

He instantly got on his hands and knees and started crawling towards you. He kept going until he was over you, with you trapped beneath his strong body a smile broke across his face as he lowered down towards you as he gently pecked your neck.

"H-Hidan..." you hissed as he ignored you, starting to run his tongue along your neck sending a shiver down your spine feeling your face blush. You scowled, desperately trying to convince yourself that you didn't like it. That of course, was a lie. You had in fact had had the biggest crush on Hidan since you joined the Akatsuki but he was devoted to his god and was one creepy motherf*cker , you wanted to mean something him, for him to notice you and love you. Not just add your name to his sexual conquest list.

You felt him grab your shirt and start to yank it upward "Hidan stop" you growl slightly louder earning you no response.

He goes to clip your bra as you shove a hand against his face "Hidan, stop" you say so loud everyone in the other room probably heard. 

Hidan pulled out of his trance and glared you "For F*ck sake (y/n) stop being such a frigid bitch"

"I'm not being added to your list of sexual conquests, now get away from me!" you say wiggling out from underneath him and turning your back to him yanking your top back down.  You expected him you yank you back and start swearing at you and just do whatever he wanted anyway, Hidan was dangerously stronger than you...and immortal, but when no hands yanked you back you turned to look at him.

You expected to see him at least glaring at you but his eyes were glued to the floor, his head down. If it hadn't have been Hidan, you would have thought he was crying. 

"Hidan..." you say gently turning your body to face him, again he ignored you but you could him growling 

"You..." he growled his head shot up "are the most frigid, ungraceful bitch I have ever met" 

His sudden mood swing shocked you, hurting your feelings "Well you..." you snarled back, your temper rising "...are a futile, ugly dick rash with...with ugly old man hair" 

You grunted with a nod, as weak as your insult was he looked wounded " I DON'T HAVE OLD MAN HAIR" he yelled back "WHORE!"

"FUGLY" you returned 




"YOU...wait I what?" you stutter

"Nothing" he hisses 

"I have pretty eyes?" you ask slowly a crimson glow burning against your cheeks.

"pfft, no...Maybe" 

You smile almost forgetting about the argument you were just having "you have pretty eyes too Hidan" 

He pouted and crossed his arms "that was a cheap compliment, I just used that. Stupid bitch"

Your smile drops into a glare "What is with you?" you scowled lifting you hand and bringing it down to slap him, catching your movement, Hidan snatched your arm and yanked you  towards him crashing his lips into yours. His soft lips playing against yours, his tongue forcing into your mouth as you gasp in shock. He smirks against your lips as he pushes you back to the floor as you break away to breath. 

"I love you, (y/n)" he breaths with a small smile. "You're a stubborn bitch, but I love you and only lord Jashin knows why" he snuggles into your chest and holds you close, you couldn't help but laugh causing the man lying on you to frown.  "What?"

You grinned "Who are you and what have you done with Hidan?" you chuckle lightly cuddling Hidan back and planting a kiss on his cheek as the door opened allowing light to illuminate though the door. 

"Well..." a deep voice grunted as the pair turned to face Kakuzu whose eyebrows were raised "This...is not what I was expecting..." 

Hidan grinned wickedly at him "Yep, I'm a womanizer. What can I say?" he sneered earning him a light smack from you.

"You just ruined that beautiful moment" you sighed at him as he scooped you up into his arms in a bridal style lift. 

"Bitch, you're the one who just slapped me" he moped arching an eyebrow carrying you back to his room as the rest of the Akatsuki gapped at them. 

"Did...We miss that much in 7 minutes, un" Deidara frowned scratching his head

"This is why I don't understand people" Sasori sighed shaking his head slowly

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