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You raised an eyebrow at Pain, "you're really going though with this?" 

Pain sighed at your question "Like Hidan said, it is just a little fun"

"Fun? Didn't think that was your thing" you chuckle getting you an annoyed groan from Pain

"Just be quiet" he mutters causing you to smile. You knew Pain knew you were too much of an important member of the Akatsuki and therefore wouldn't kill you without great reason. Being talented was great sometimes. You look around the warm room where the rest of the Akatsuki were sitting, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu, Itachi, Kisame, Tobi, Zetsu and Konan were all sat looking bored out of their minds while Hidan was grinning as he was collecting up items from everyone and stuffing them into a small pot. 

"What did Pain promise you to get you to agree to playing?" a feminine voice asked 

You smile at Konan who had taken a place beside you "Food and a new sword" 

She giggled quietly "Two good choices" 

"Right" Hidan says loudly clapping his hands together and rubbing them evilly "Ladies first, (y/n) would you be so kind?"

You sigh loudly and slowly walk up to Hidan who was holding the pot "Right" you groan driving you hand into the pot and grabbing a piece of paper "let the games begin"

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