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His hold on me is like a hot iron to my skin. It stings, and burns, and it hurts to the bone.

"Stop trying to leave me, sweetheart. We both remember how it turned out last time."

Dean's smile is anything but happy. It's fake, probably like the teeth attached to his gums. I want to gag at the sight, but I can't open my mouth to refute. Like it's permanently glued shut.

Stop it, I want to yell, you're hurting me.

It's useless. No matter what I say or do, it's an endless cycle of my life.

With a shove to my back, I stumble forward into a house decorated with only white and gray. The flat colors make me want to punch every wall I see and use a painting to cover up the hole.

"Come on, sweetheart. Better make yourself at home. You're stuck here, with me, until the end of time."

The thought makes me want to die. I try to back out of the door I came through, but I'm shoved forward. Harder.

I fall to the ground from the impact, barely sliding on the marble flooring. Quickly, I spin around and he's there, towering above me like a skyscraper.

His blonde hair looks lighter with the sun shining behind him. Most would think he's an angel with a glowing halo behind him. Instead, he looks like the devil who just clawed his way up from Hell.

I try to crawl backwards, my forearms trying to pull me back while I kick the ground with the heels of my feet. It does nothing, every effort I make to get away gets thrown out with a single step of his shoes.

His perfect dress shoes, his perfect suit, his perfect life.

And he's brought me back to be his perfect little wife.


My whole body jolts as I wake up, a cold sweat leaving my hair stuck to my forehead.

It takes me a few seconds to recognize that it was just a nightmare. I blink a couple times for my eyes to adjust, and I see Morelli hovering above me, his hands pinning my arms to my sides. I hear rain pouring down from the window, the wind whistling outside.

As soon as he sees I'm conscious, he lets go but his weight remains on top of me. He's not totally crushing me so I know he just wants to keep me stable.

"Fuck, what happened?" I ask, my voice scratchy as I wipe my forehead.

He lets out a breath of relief before answering, "You were having a night terror, and you started hitting yourself in your sleep. I had to make sure you didn't injure yourself until you woke up."

I shake my head, the dots not lining up, "How did you..." I trail off because I connect the pieces myself. He heard me crying. Or yelling. Which means I was loud enough to hear through walls. "Shit, did Carina hear me? Did I wake her up?"

I rub my hands over my entire face, feeling lines of tears from the corner of my eyes. I traumatized a three year old-

"She's fine, Hana. She sleeps like a rock," Luca assures me, "She's slept through five alarm clocks going off at once."

I let out a short breath and nod, "How long were you in here until I woke up?"

He glances to my side, which makes me glance over too. It's a clock on the nightstand, which reads 2:57 A.M.

"Maybe 30 minutes?"

Fuck. I groan, trying to sit up. Luca backs off of me until he's sitting at one end of the bed, and I'm at the other, my head resting against the wall.

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