Nights 6 spells

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Death spell (spiteful demon torment)
1.set up your circle
2. Place the damned object in the triangle
The circle is to protect you
The triangle is to summon the demon.

"Come forth I summon you I beseech you... come forth to Realm... I offer you a sanctuary here where you may carry out your evil deeds upon thy enemy ... fort though shall harm them as they have harmed me. Come for to this object I have chosen... in acceptance that you do not harm me but he one I have called you forth... Now come Demon! This item is now your new stomping grounds... Become one with this...SO MOTE IT BE!
Power spell
(To stop rain)

"Gods of power , Gods o might , I bid to you now, stop this plight , stop the rain, we need no more , Let it fall , nevermore"
Sleep spell

"By this candle , I do sleep , hidden from the day , in the night so deep. Oh lady moon, guide my dreams, cover me with your beautiful beams. As the candle flame dies, please close my eyes. Allow me to wake up in the warmth of the sun.

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