Epilogue. [✔]

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Edited 30.06.2016. (one (I think) major thing I changed in this chapter is that this happens a MONTH later not a week)

So in request of some people I'm writing another chapter. An epilogue if you will. But this is THE LAST LIME I'll write a chapter for this story (this is gonna be from Gajeel's P.O.V.) I hope I write a good one :)

(get ready for some smut :) And to my friend who is reading this: I'm so not sorry :))

Happy reading!

Gajeel's P.O.V.

I loved these lazy morning where we lie in bed with Levy with my arm around her. I could feel her warmth under me. Breathing, living. She turned around in my arms and nuzzled in my chest. I pulled her closer and squeezed her to my body. Oh, God how much I love her! I kissed her forehead and breathed her scent. I still couldn't believe that she was alive.

Only a month ago she died in my arms and came back. I never in my life want to miss her so much like I did in those five minutes in which Jet beat me up and Levy came back to life. She was so close to me I could feel he eyelashes against my bare chest when she woke up.

"Hey." she said with a smile on her lips. In return I kissed her forehead. "What are you thinking about?" she asked me putting her arm around me.

"Just how much I love you." I said in my morning voice. I knew how much she loved it. Levy giggled and kissed my chest.

"Last night was amazing." I smiled and looked in her beautiful, brown eyes. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. You know I would do anything for you." Levy smiled and nodded. "What do you wanna do today?" I asked her. She smiled rolled on top of me. Since it was morning and my brain and body still wasn't fully awake yet it was easy for her. She put her arms on ether sides of my head and sat just below my stomach. Looking in my eyes she leaned down to my ear. I felt her hot breath on my cheek.

"Go on a mission." she whispered and jumped off. Before her feet could touch the ground I grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her back in the bed. She giggled as I pinned her hands above her head and sat on her. I leaned towards her ear the same way she did to me and whispered.

"Don't tease me." before she could answer I pressed a kiss on her lips. I felt my hair fall over my shoulders but I ignored it and continued kissing her. Levy opened her mouth so my tongue went in her mouth and freely explored it. She let out a moan under me and that turned me on even more. My hand from her hands slid in her hair so that hers were free. She put her small hands on my chest and pushed me off of her. I fell next to her and before I could react she was on top of me again kissing me.

I sat up with her in my lap and dragged my hands to the hem of the shirt she was wearing. Without looking I knew it was one of mine. I tickled the little dimple at the end of her back and Levy giggled. I loved so much when she giggled. It made me proud about that I'm doing something to please this beautiful angel. I only left her lips when I pulled the shirt over her head so that she was left in just her panties. I threw it somewhere in the room and she giggled when something fell and broke.

We fell back in the bed with her still on me. I felt a moan escape my throat when I felt Levy (on purpose) slide her hand over my boxers. I rolled over so that I was on top of her. Levy moaned as I left small kisses going down her neck to her chest. Her hands slid down to the waistband of my boxers and pushed them off. I pulled her panties off and threw them away too. Levy giggled when my hand touched the inside of her thigh.

I positioned myself between her legs and pushed in. She sucked a deep breath but pulled me deeper inside her. She rolled us over once again and started to move her hips on me. I felt her chest press against mine. I sucked on her sweat spot as she moaned. I loved that sound so much. I lied back on our bed so that Levy was still sitting straight. I watched her move her hips in a circle. She lied on top of and continued her movement. She was moaning right next to my ear so that turned me on even more. Her breaths got short and shaky so I knew she was close to end. I rolled us over again and didn't stop her pleasure. She dragged her nails over my back and I knew they will leave a mark later but I didn't care.

"G-Gajeel!" she came yelling my name. I grinned and continued thrusting. After a moment I felt my thrusts getting sloppy and my pleasure rising up. I thrusted a couple times more and came in my wonderful girlfriend.

Sooooo how did you like it? The picture is me while writing this chapter. When I started this chapter I had no idea where I was going with this but I think the ending is nice. I really liked writing it. Tell me what you thought :)

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