21. Protection

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I didn't know what was going on to be honest. Adam didn't call or text me the whole weekend and I have to say that I thought he would. I spend most of my hours waiting in front of my cell phone, staring at it and waiting for his number to pop up. But nothing. I was already so sick of it. I didn't even know why I was waiting. Why should he call me? He wouldn't tell me that he was wrong and he would want to get me back. I knew he wouldn't do that. But somewhere, deep inside of me, that part that still couldn't believe all of it, still hoped he would.

Did I say that I couldn't even cry the whole time? I wanted to, I wanted to let it all out but my whole body felt numb. There were moments when I couldn't even move at all. I felt like I let it all out on Friday, I cried and screamed until my parents came home and I had to calm down then. I locked myself in my room, still crying but more quietly then.

We didn't know each other for so long but I just couldn't imagine my life without him.

He meant more to me than anyone else.

But I guess I had to try to get used to this. I got along living alone before, I could do it again. I was pretty sure I could.

When it was Monday I thought about staying at home, telling my parents I was sick. I mean I pretty much looked terrible, they would totally buy it. But I decided against it since the first day after the break up would be the worst. The first time seeing him again would be the hardest. And if that happens a few days later or on that Monday, it didn't matter.

Trying to not look like a ghost I made my way downstairs, where my parents were kind of already waiting for me.

"Good morning, Sauli." My mum said and both of them were staring at me. I could already smell the trouble that was coming from their direction. "Please hurry home after school today, we have a meeting then and we don't want to be late." She added after a few seconds.

No. This wasn't happening. My whole life had cracks everywhere already but this completely broke it. They still tried it. I thought they had learned their lesson. I ignored them whenever they brought that stupid doctor up, most of the time I even left the room when they started talking about that topic. Why couldn't they just leave me alone? But I couldn't start an argument now. Too many things were in my head right now, there was no space left for that shit. I shook my head and immediately left that house, making my way to school and ready to face the real problem, the only thing that bothered me.

Half of the day was over and I still haven't seen Adam. Some people said he didn't even arrive at school today. I'm not sure if that's true, but it seemed like that was the case. I wondered why? I mean he was the one who broke up with me, I should have been the one who stayed at home.

When I came home my parents seriously wanted to speak to that therapist with me. I simply told them to fuck off and when I was about to run up the stairs they yelled that there would be consequences. Did I care? Not at all. I just wouldn't let them do what they wanted to do. I was my own person, I was proud of that. And they couldn't change it.

A few more days passed by and Adam never came to school, never told anyone what was going on. I mean I'm pretty sure most of the teachers knew where he was and didn't say anything because it was probably private. But I just wondered if he seriously didn't care about me anymore. He could at least tell me where he was, couldn't he?

That was when I decided to call him. Mailbox. I tried to call him again. Mailbox. Whenever I tried there was nothing but his mailbox. And he didn't even read my text messages. A month passed by and there was still nothing.

I didn't only miss him more than I would have ever thought I could miss a person, but I also was so worried.

We had a new maths teacher, but no one bothered to tell us why Adam left. Everyone was confused, everyone wanted to know where he was since he was so much better than the teacher we had now. He was the complete opposite of Adam. Old, boring and nearly the same character as Mrs. Harper. So I went back to hating maths with my entire being. I would not necessarily say I liked maths, but I definitely enjoyed it a lot more when Adam was our teacher. And now after he left, without a specific reason, I have a feeling that everything is just going back to where it once was. School would become hell for me again.

I still tried to call him every now and then. Not as often as I used to since I realized that it didn't help me in any way. If he could just answer it once and tell me he was fine. That's all I want. Really, I just want to know if he's okay after what happened with us and Michael...

Oh my god.


Did he tell anyone?

Maybe that's why Adam is gone. Was he in prison for dating his student?

Oh my god, no.

This couldn't be the case, could it?

Michael transferred to another school two weeks after Adam and I broke up, and maybe because Adam didn't change his grade, he talked to the principal.

My eyes were watering while thinking about that. That's why he didn't answer my text messages and calls, that's why no teacher talked about it, it all made sense now.

And maybe...

Maybe that's why he broke up with me? He knew he had to leave, didn't he? He didn't want me to date a person who is in prison, he wanted to protect me. He always made sure I'm fine and happy, he always wanted me to be safe. And... now.... Oh my god. Please, Adam, be okay wherever you are.

A/N: I know, that chapter was pretty short again. But I guess you all know why, since one of the main characters isn't there right now, there wasn't that much that could happen. And it was obviously Sauli's POV again, ha. I have to say here and now that there will only be a few more chapters. I'm not really sure how many more. I think two more. Everything is planned out already but I haven't written anything down yet so I'm not sure how and when I'm going to end each chapter and stuff like that. So yeah, that's pretty much it. Oh and the thing with Sauli's parents: It's pretty much confusing here in this chapter but I will light it up next time. So thanks for reading and see you all next week :)

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