I have watched man write one love story after another. Fall in love, get hurt and love again. I’ve seen them create life and shatter some. Man is addicted to love; to the idea that they are in love or that someone loves them. Man is a sucker for tragic love stories with happy endings; unfortunately, it’s not always happy endings. Like Romeo and Juliet who fought hard, but ended dying. Or fairytales- whatever happened to Snow White or Cinderella after ‘happily ever after’? Do any of you know?

                This story is not like that; in fact, this story has not ended yet. More like it might never end. It is alive in the realms outside of man, but I am getting ahead of myself.

                Our story begins in a place amongst the stars, a place called Sanctuary, where a group of Divine beings were in the Chamber of Presence sitting around a table, waiting. They were none other than the Princes of Presence, or to mortals, they were simply angels. You might ask, “What is so special about them?” They are special for they are the chosen few amongst the hundreds of angels, cherubs and seraphim alike, who alone may stand in the presence of the Creator and at the moment they were gathered in the Chamber for a very important event...

The door opened and they all looked up.

"Good evening Brothers," Jehoel greeted as he joined them at the table. "My apologies for my tardiness; the boys were extra hyper today. They are excited to see the new member of their group."  As he said this, he turned to one in particular. "So, it’s that time again and you'll finally have your own child." The one he spoke to give a heavy sigh, which prompted them to turn their attention towards him. Gabriel, who was standing by the window, smiled.

"Such a heavy sigh Michael," Nathanael said, "What are you thinking?" Michael did not answer and they exchanged looks. "Are you still against this plan Michael?" Jehoel asked, still no answer. "Michael?" Uriel called to him, reaching for his shoulder. Michael looks up at him and noticed all of them looking at him. "I'm sorry; I was lost in my thoughts. What were you saying?"

"What's wrong Michael?" Raphael asked. "We have never seen you like this before."

"This isn't like the leader of the Creator's army." Nathanael added.

Michael frowned and closed his eyes, looking weary. Gabriel then joined them and sat across from Michael. "The Creator had shown him his daughter," Gabriel stated pointedly.

"A daughter?" Jehoel asked surprised. "A girl to be an Angel of Death?" Gabriel nodded in response while Michael gave another sigh and shook his head. "Are you about this Gabriel?" Nathanael asked. "The Creator did not make a mistake?"

"Very much, we have seen her fate; nothing can change that, though there are a few complications-"

"A lot." Michael cuts in, "A lot of complications."

"What do you mean Michael?" Raphael asked. Michael stared at his hands, "She has nothing but pure love and innocence in her heart, but the world will be cruel to her."

"She will be the most pitiful thing on earth for us up here." Gabriel added. "How is she pitiful?" Uriel asked, "Is she an orphan? A street child maybe?"

"You speak of poverty; it’s not a state of pity." said Michael. "Then what's wrong?" Uriel asked again.

"She is from a wealthy family and they love her dearly. However, their presence will be a curse to her." Michael replied, thinking of a better way to explain. "She will suffer, a lot. Her mortal mother's death will be the beginning of her suffering.

"That is why we are given the task to choose a mortal who we'd like to save. You can save her from all those evil things-"

"I cannot Nathanael," Michael said, disappointed, "like your sons, she must suffer first before Gabriel may go and take her away from the mortal's realm."

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