Dreadful Sights: Burned Roses

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     The Blessed Care Orphanage in Ohio had been run by priests and nuns for well over 60 years. For over a year they had a 14 year old child by the name of Jake Morrison who had a recording camera with him that he got as a gift for being the best orphan there that helped everyone. Jake had formed a strong bond with another kid by the name of Miguel Mendoza who protected Jake from bullies because he reminded Miguel of his brother Diego before they were both sent to different orphanages. Jake and Miguel both bonded over sports like baseball and basketball as they were both good players and liked to watch these sports if they had time to watch it on the television set. Father Dave Wallace had just reached out to a couple that was recommended by the caretaker of his orphanage Robert Harrison whose brother Darryl and his wife Eleanor had found out for some time that Darryl could not have kids. Father Dave and many of the nuns put red roses and red rosaries around their offices.

       During the day that Jake was going to be adopted he recorded a conversation that two boys from the orphanage by the name of Jay Harris and Gene Richson who were two troublemakers that had purposely made one of the nuns by the name of Gloria Tyler to have a horrific accident that led to her being in the hospital by taking away the ladder that she was using while painting part of one of the walls of the orphanage. Moira Stenz who was Gloria's childhood friend was the doctor that was looking over Gloria while she recovered. Jake had recently recorded a conversation between Jay and Gene where they were planning to burn the orphanage.

      Upon recording that Jake tried to get the recording to Father Dave yet he was busy tending to some manners regarding Jake's surprise adoption. Since Jake could not see Father Dave he gave his recording camera to the caretaker Robert Harrison and told him to give it to Father Dave. During that day Jake was adopted and he had a new family before he could warn his friend at the orphanage Miguel Mendoza. Now a few days later Jake saw on the news that The Blessed Care Orphanage had burned to the ground because of supposedly faulty wiring. Many of the priests and nuns were killed in the fire along with most of the orphans except Jay Harris and Gene Richson. Jake did find out that Miguel was one of those that had perished during the fire and that really affected him for a long time as he could see on the television news the way that the red roses were burning during that tragic event. Fortunately, Jake's adopted parents had all gone to a survival camp in the wilderness when he was older and that experience made Jake trust his new parents as he could see that they both really care about him and wanted to prepare him for how to survive in the real world while also being a strong human being.

      Father Dave barely survived and was taken in by Moira Stenz who had helped Gloria Tyler to recover. One day Father Dave and Gloria got a box on their front doorstep which had a bunch of red roses and red rosaries on the outside. Inside of the box Moira found Jake's recording camera. Some time later Father Dave, Moira and Gloria had seen what Jake had recorded and they were enraged in learning of the two boys that started the fire of the orphanage. Inside the box there was a letter that said that if you wish to see those who caused the fire of the orphanage punished in the future then call us at 614-221-4322.

     Fourteen years had passed since that happened. By this time Jay Harris had obtained a job as a taxi driver. He had to pick up his latest fare in front of an abandoned warehouse. While Jay drove there he noticed that there was no one around. He got out of the cab and then someone came from behind and injected him with a substance that made him pass out. When Jay woke up he had something taped to his eyelids which were motion sensors with long cables and every time that he closed his eyelids he would get an electrical shock. Jay was able to see red roses with rosaries hanging from the walls all over the place. From behind Jay the figure of a person that wore a red leather mask with red contact lenses in both eyes. A few hours later, Gene Richson had received a package in the mail which had a recording that showed how he and Jay Harris were planning to burn down The Blessed Care Orphanage. By this time Gene had become a very successful lawyer that protected rich scum in the courtroom. Supposedly this recording came from Jay Harris and there was a typewriter page that had written on it: "I have the person who is blackmailing us. I need help to get the person to hand over the other copies. Meet me at the burned down orphanage."

          Gene drove all the way to the location that was given to him and he saw in graffiti written on one wall the following which was: "Roses and Rosaries." When Gene got there he saw the old orphanage and it looked really creepy at night. Gene took out the gun that he had from the glove compartment for protection. He then proceeded to get through the gate and went inside the building. As he walked Gene noticed that someone had been taking care of the garden outside of the burned orphanage and there were many red roses in the garden. Out of nowhere Gene was hit by a taxi cab and he was knocked unconscious. Later on, Gene wore up and he found himself in a big wooden maze made out of thick wooden panels which led the way forward. The whole thing felt eerie and ominous. As Gene kept going he eventually found Jay who was on the floor. Gene was helping Jay up and he saw that he did not have his eyes. After that many voices could be heard in a speaker which told Gene that it was time for him to face the burning light that he had created. Other voices told Gene that sometimes a fire gets started by the burning rage of human hearts." Afterwards, Gene saw that it was getting real hot and there was smoke everywhere. After so many years the two boys that burned down the orphanage were now being burned as grown men that were paying for their sins. Outside of the orphanage there were a great deal of people that were wearing red leather masks with red contact lenses that were recording how their tormentors were finally getting what they deserved. This murdering cult known as The Pariahs of Punishment had finally obtained their revenge. A lot had happened in fourteen years as crooks and other types of criminals did not like to be near the old burned orphanage since many of them that came near the place disappeared without a trace. The legend of The Pariahs of Pain did spread fear and paranoia.

                                                                      The End

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