Dating the Son of Zeus *2*

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As I walked back the way I had originaly came, my thoughts were free to wander. I thought of my father's ultimatium. It only upset me. The subject of me finding a wife was something that has been brought up many times before, but it always has the same ending. I promise to look for one and then attempt to forget about it the moment I left my father's sight. This time though, it didn't seem to work that way. As I reached the garden that was my favorite place in the palace, I stopped. I knew where I wanted to go and who I wanted to see, it was just about finding my way there. Looking up at the bright sky I knew how.

I drew in a breath and then let out a loud, high pitched whistle. After waiting only a few moments it was clear that what I desired was on its way. Sure enough, looking back up at the sky I saw a white horse flying towards me. He landed a few feet away and then galloped to a stop in front of me. His white coat was pure and soft. It seemed to shine all on its own. His wings folded to his sides, but I could never resist to touch them. Feeling the feathers run through me fingers, I smiled. They were the softest I had ever felt. I then ran my fingers through his soft brown mane, slowly making my way to hold his face. I stared into his bright eyes and smiled. This is one friend who I never needed words from, but recieved such comfort.

"Hello Pegasus," I whispered.

He let out a breath as if to answer me. I smiled and ran my hand up the bridge of his nose. Pegasus was probably the best thing my father had ever done for me. He gave him to me as a gift. I don't think he fully understood that when he did he gave me a friend as well.

"Let's go find everyone," I said stepping to his side and then hoisting my self up and onto his back. "Fly Pegasus."

From a dead stand still to being thrown into the air is a feeling like no other. His enormous wings flew out to his sides and with one flap we were in the air. I didn't need to give him directions he knew just where to go. We soared through the sky. It isn't just him and me, rider and horse, it is we. We move together, we think together. It  is the way it has always been. I looked down at my home as it gets smaller. The palace is enormous and beautiful, but I am glad to see it shrinking in the distance.

It is not long until we are over the forest, and I can see the clearing down below. Even from so high in the sky I can hear laughter and shouting below. Pegasus makes his decent and soon we are running through the field towards the river bank. As we approach I see three familiar faces, faces that I want to see. I climb off and allow Pegasus to do what he will. He can hear my call anywhere and I know he will not be far. I approach the three that are by the river bank. Two of them are having a sword fight, while the third sits on a rock and watches. I stoop and sit beside the one on the rock, my best friend.

She doesn't bother to look at me, she knows it's me. We watch the other two fighting it out. I don't know why they are fighting but I know who will win, who always does. I listen as the two pieces of metal clank against one another. I watch as their fight soon takes them from dry land and into the rushing water. It isn't long until the shorter one seems to slip and fall and the other takes his blade and swings, stopping just short of the other's throat.

"Leonidas wins," the girl beside me says. I watch as Leonidas takes his helmet off. The sweat is rolling down his face, but he is wearing a smile. He reaches down to help the other out of the water. His warm hazel eyes twinkle as he says, "Good match Perseus."

Perseus grabs his hand and allows Leonidas to pull him up. Standing beside one another it is easy to see how different they are from each other, especially when Perseus takes his helmet off. Perseus is shorter than Leonidas, but his hair isn't. It stops right above his shoulders. It has a golden tint to it, the same as his eyes and it always seems to be falling in his face. The shape of his face seems to shift with his mood. As of now he isn't happy about losing so his nose seems sharper, his chin more defined. He looks at Leonidas with his golden eyes. "Thank you, but I don't know why you are smiling so much. You know I am no good with swords." His voice is deep, yet soft. Even at his angriest, Perseus seems to always have a resolve to him. He strides from the water and sits his helmet down on the river bank.

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