"Miss Venice. is it true that you're married to Lawrence Cervantes for six years already?" tanong ng isang reporter na humarang sakin habang palabas ako ng flat ko. what the?!

"you're a billionaire's wife. why work as a model?" tanong pa ng isa.

"you're the fortalejo heiress Miss Venice. how come you're not managing any of your family business?" tanong pa ng isa.

"Miss Venice. look this way. just one picture please" sabi ng camera man na isa.

"Miss Venice. why are you and Mr.Cervantes living separately?" tanong pa ng isa.


after five years. i wanna kill. i wanna kill Lance. i wanna kill all of them.

damn him to hell! and damn them to hell!

yesterday. the newspaper had the biggest, most controversial and intriguing news.

i would have laugh my heart out if only things werent that serious.

The Most sought after Bachelor Lawrence Cervantes admits his marriage to The Queen of the Ramp Venice which happens to be the missing Fortalejo heiress.

damn! for the past five years. hindi nga sya nagcocomment about that stupid marriage why now? laging no comment ang sagot nya tapos ngayon bubulagain nila ako ng Announcement sa dyaryo! damn it! naturalmente na malaman ng buong mundo. Cervanteses and Fortalejos were known worldwide for being a great businessmen.

damn Enrico Fortalejo and his connections!

anung nangyari sa no comment ni Lance!?! anung trip ng Lolo kong ungas?!

ginugulo lang nila ang tahimik kong buhay. ang mas nakakainis pa don.

paparazzis keeps on hunting me to death. like vicious snakes waiting for their time to smack the prey. damn him! damn them to the deepest part of the hell!

anu bang gusto nyang palabasin. we've been living separately for the past 5 yrs.

why meddle with my life now?

i already had my fair share of that stupid past.

and i dont have any intention of having it that AGAIN!



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