58) "Family"

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Family:  *insults my music*

Family:  *insults my interests*

Family:  *insults my weight*

Family: *insults my clothing*

Family: *insults my friends*

Family: *compares me to my other cousin or sibling*

Family: *insults my grades*

Family: *judges every decision I make*

Family: *Thinks I'm an attention whore*

Family: *Thinks I'm not good enough*

Family: *Thinks I'll never be good enough like their favorite niece/nephew/son/daughter*

Family: *Sees every mistake I made*

Family: *Says they love you but their actions are portraying the opposite*

Family: *ashamed of being with me in public*

Family: *always telling you how to live your life*

*stays away*

Family: You're being so rude why aren't you spending time with us?

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