Chapter 1- Destined For Death

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Aurea’s Room
The Underworld Palace


The party was in full swing and I was so freakin’ nervous. My brother and I are turning eighteen this day. My mom and my dad threw this large party and everyone was invited. All the gods will be here to celebrate the occasion.

The maids finished with my hair and they turned me towards a mirror. A small giggle escaped me as I hardly recognized the girl staring back at me. Her grey eyes were large and framed with long, dark lashes. She had a blush across her cheeks and her lips were pink.

Platinum blonde hair was piled atop her head and then loose curls were allowed to frame her beautiful face. “You look beautiful!” a voice said. I turned around and saw my mother there. She smiled at me and then hugged me tightly. “I can’t believe it’s already been eighteen years!” she gushed. “Mom. You always say that.” I replied.

My mom stepped back and she urged me to twirl. “I want to see your dress.” She told me and I obliged and twirled for her.

I was wearing a pink ball gown. I designed this myself and of course, it’s pink for it’s my favourite color! My father gave Arachne, the seamstress who made this, some pink diamonds to add to my skirt so that I’ll shine whenever I move. Yes, my father throws around jewels just like that. Pearls from Uncle Poseidon adorned my neck and my wrists.

I looked at my mom and she was wearing a beautiful purple dress which matches her eyes. She also had diamonds sewn in her dress and in her hair. She wore shoes that would make Cinderella cry. It looked like it was made of glass but I was sure that it was carved out of diamonds.

“Mom... Maybe we’ll be able to get our powers now that we’re eighteen?” I asked.

“I hope so...” My mom replied.

Aidon and I were born without powers and now, we’re eighteen years old but still with no powers. It kinda sucked for I wanted to have my own powers and be assigned my duties. But Aidon and I were always hopeful. Maybe we were just late bloomers or something.

A knock sounded on the door and my mom opened it. Then she came back to my side and revealed my father. “I am blessed to be in the same room with the two most beautiful women in the world.” He said. My mom and I both rolled our eyes in reply. “Happy birthday, sweetie.” My dad, Hades, said and then hugged me tight. He kissed my temple and then the three of us turned and looked at the mirror.

“Now isn’t this a lovely sight?” my mom sighed. Well, I think it was actually weird. My mom and I looked as if we were the twins and not Aidon and I. I looked so much like my mother except for my grey eyes which were the only thing I got from my dad. I got mom’s looks and her hair.

Another knock sounded on the door and Aidon entered. He looked stunning in a tux. His black hair gleamed against the light and its dark color made his violet eyes shine brighter. He went towards us and looked at the mirror too. “Well, what are we looking at?” he asked. I heard mom and dad laugh.

Aidon, the older twin, looked like my father except that he had mom’s violet eyes. He and dad looked like twins too. Weird family, right? Another weirder thing is how old we look. Mom will forever look eighteen and I’m eighteen. Dad looks a bit older, though. He looks like he’s in his early twenties. Aidon looks a lot like him and they even have the same towering height. We are the weirdest family ever.

“I think it’s time for us to go down. The party won’t start without us!” Mom gushed and then she pushed all of us out of the room. Dad took her hand and smiled down at her. Aidon and I snorted.

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