Chapter 7-Permission

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Author's Pov

"The way you'll got your power is difference" Chanyeol said."Why?" Baekhyun ask him."I dont know.It's hard to explain" "Give example" Luhan said."Kiss,hug and sex" Sehun give the answer.When they gasp when they heard sex.There's no sound in 3 minutes."Hey,we wont force our mate.When the right time come,it will be"Kris said.

"There's another way too" Lay said."What is it?" Baekhyun ask."When you realize you love your mate" Lay replied."So...emm,what's your power guys?" Suho ask the wolves."Me,dragon or fly...something like that.Chanyeol fire.Chen lightning.Sehun wind.Kai teleportation.And Lay's healing" Kris answer the question."Wha-" before Suho could finish,Kris cut his word."Can we talk with you?" "Who?" Suho ask him."Only you Suho" Lay answer his question.After they heard it the living room become noisy with a question "Why?" "Only him?!" "What you guys want with our eomma?!" ."Calm down guys.We just want to talk with your leader" Lay tell them with a smile.

They take Suho to their secret room.Lay sit beside Suho and the others sit infront them."Can we take our mates to EXO planet?"Chanyeol ask the guardian."What?!" "Yeah,we really hope you can give us a permission since you're the leader right?" Sehun said."Y-Yeah,but...You can take them there when they got their power" Suho's words make all of them give him are-you-serious? face."But we don't know when they will got their power~And I don't know when you will got your power~" Lay said while holding both of Suho's hand and his mate's face turned red.Everyone gigling because of their cuteness.Suho cough a little "But serious,you only can take your mate there when they already got their power" then he go to his room to take a bath.

"He's cute" Lay said,admiring his mate."My Baekkie is cute too" "My Baozi is the cutest" "Lulu is pretiest" "My adorable Kyungie" Kris just roll his eyes 'My panda is perfect' he said in his mind.

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